9 Best Paraphrasing Tools For 2023 (Free & Paid)

Paraphrasing is an important part of any writing process, and it can be a time-consuming task. However, to make the process easier, several best paraphrasing tools are available that can help you rephrase your content quickly and accurately.

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This article will look at the 9 best paraphrasing tools in 2023, from free basic versions to premium options. We’ll explore how each tool works and what benefits they offer so you can decide which one is right for you.

Whether you need to rewrite content for academic papers or blog posts, these tools will help you get the job done quickly and easily. So without further ado, let’s look at the 9 best paraphrasing tools in 2023.

So, let’s dive in!

What Is A Paraphrasing Tool?

A Paraphrasing Tool is the best online tool to help you generate unique content. This free tool can rewrite any text, making it more readable and understandable. The free tool provides an effective paraphrasing process that helps you create unique content.

With the free Plan, you can easily use this tool to rewrite your article or text quickly and efficiently. It produces original content using a combination of advanced algorithms, eliminating plagiarism and ensuring that the output is always readable.

Moreover, the best thing about a Paraphrasing Tool is that it is free and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about spending hours trying to get your article rephrased; enter your text into the box and let the tool do its job for you. The result will be unique content that is ready for publication in no time at all.

So if you’re looking for a fast, reliable way of paraphrasing your articles or texts, these Paraphrasing Tools are the best option!

How Does This Paraphrasing Tool Work?

Using the best online paraphrasing tool is a great way to quickly and easily rephrase sentences. With the premium version of this tool, you can better understand your text’s original meaning without having to change too much.

This is one of the best online paraphrasing tools available, as it can produce an accurate result while keeping the original meaning intact. Using this tool, you can create a new version of your text that will retain the original meaning and ensure no plagiarism occurs.

The best part about using this tool is that you don’t have to be an experienced coder to use it. Instead, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create a website without knowing any coding.

Additionally, plenty of templates and customization options are available, so you can make your website look exactly how you want it to.

Best Paraphrasing Tools: In a Nutshell

Look below if you are in a rush and need a quick overview of the best paraphrasing tools!

Paraphrasing Tool Best For Price
WordAI People looking for an AI-based paraphrasing tool $57/month or $324/year
QuillBot People looking for the best free paraphrasing tool $9.95/month, $39.95 for six months, $49.95/ year
Chimp Rewriter People are looking for a tool with a downloadable program and an online option. $15/month or $99/year
The Best Spinner 4 People looking for an assorted set of features Starts at $67/per year
Spinner Chief People are looking for a tool with offline and online options $57/month or $107/year, or $307 for lifetime access
Clever Spinner People are looking for an easy, budget-friendly, minimalistic tool $57/month or $107/year, or $307 for lifetime access

Spin Rewriter

People looking for the best bang for their buck $47/month, $77/year,$497. for lifetime access
Duplichecker People looking for a free paraphrasing tool $10/month,110/year
Praphraser.io People looking for a tool with an extra-large database $7/month,$60/year

List of 9+ Best Paraphrasing Tools

Now that you know all the tools, let us dive deeply into these tools below! All these tools mentioned in the list come from our experts, so you can rely on us!

1. Word AI

Word AI is your go-to tool for more time and good-quality content. Word AI is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool. It makes use of algorithms to produce content that is SEO optimized. Word AI is one of the best paraphrasing tools for SEO out there.


Word Al can generate up to a thousand test variations within seconds. The best thing is that the user interface is simple, and you don’t need high-level technical skills.

Key Features 

  • Allows complete restructuring of sentences without changing the meaning. 
  • It works extremely fast and provides an intuitive interface. 
  • Complete natural content with zero duplication. 
  • Provides total control over your settings for the content. 
  • Exceptional customer support. 


WordAI is a paid paraphrasing tool, giving you a 3-day free trial, but after that, you can join their premium plans.

  • Monthly Plan– $57 per month
  • Annual plan-$27 per month billed annually, i.e., $324 per year.

Word AI provides a 30-day, no-risk money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied with the services, you can opt for a refund.

2. QuillBot


QuillBot is a popular paraphrasing tool, especially among students and bloggers. QuillBot is a web-based paraphrasing tool that offers some of the best features and is very easy to use.

Adding to that, QuillBot provides six different styles of paraphrasing. It has different tools, like the synonym tool, which will help you find suitable synonyms. The good news is QuillBot is free for life, but there are some character limitations in the free version.

Key Features 

  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly. 
  • It provides an extension for Chrome and Word to use everywhere. 
  • In-built grammar checker to eliminate errors. 
  • Plagiarism checker to ensure your content is 100% unique. 
  • In-built citation generation. 


  • Free – A free or line plan comes with three paraphrasing models and 700 characters limit.
  • Monthly Plan– $9.95 per month
  • Semi-Annual Plan– $6.66 per month billed every six months, which amounts to $39.95.
  • Annual Plan– $4.17 per month billed annually, i.e., $49.95 per year.

3. Chimp Rewriter

Chime Rewriter
Chime Rewriter

Chime Rewriter is one of the most popular online paraphrasing tools. It is also the only paraphrasing tool that uses AI and NLP technology. So, you can be assured that with Chimp Rewriter, you will only get high-quality content. The tool has many advanced features that make paraphrasing easy. With the help of Chimp Rewriter, you can add images and videos to your article.

Key Features 

  • Reliable and helpful customer support team. 
  • Rewrite your content within seconds and save plenty of time. 
  • It acts as a complete writing assistant by letting you embed videos and images. 
  • Integrates with various SEO tools and content creation platforms. 
  • Free software updates to keep your work running. 


  • Monthly Plan– $15 per month
  • Annual Plan– $99 per year

4. The Best Spinner 4

The Best Spinner 4
The Best Spinner 4

The Best Spinner 4 is a web-based paraphrasing tool that instantly gives you a hundred variations of your text. With The Best Spinner 4, you can access manual and automatic paraphrasing. It has several spinning levels; you can even translate your text into various languages.

They have thousands of articles you can use, readily available in their built-in database. Lastly, this paraphrasing tool also has Copyscape integration.

Key Features 

  • Easily generate content within a few minutes! 
  • Allows you to convert your articles into audio. 
  • Translate your content into 14 different languages. 
  • In-built collection of 132,000+ articles. 
  • 1,000+ HD images. 


  • Basic Plan – $67 per year
  • Standard Plan – $127 per year
  • Pro Plan – $297 per year 

5. Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief
Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief is a powerful paraphrasing you can use online or offline with the downloadable desktop version. This tool is not suitable for those who want to paraphrase a few lines or a short text. Instead, it is better suited for long texts like research papers or books.

Spinner Chief supports over 20 languages and has a cloud thesaurus that helps find the perfect synonyms. It has a special feature called the tree function. The tree function organizes the sentences to enable you to locate and edit them.

Key Features 

  • Create unique and plagiarism-free content in no time. 
  • In-built grammar checker to ensure your content has no errors. 
  • Intuitive dashboard where you can choose your settings. 
  • In-depth selection of synonyms. 
  • Keyword settings to choose between high-ranking keywords online. 


  • Monthly Plan – $57 per month
  • Annual Plan – $107 per year
  • One-Time Fee -$307 for lifetime access

6. Clever Spinner

Clever Spinner
Clever Spinner

Clever Spinner is one of the most inexpensive premium paraphrasing tools on our list and out there. Don’t judge this tool by its cover. It might look outdated on the outside, but it has a plethora of feature that is very user-friendly.

If you are looking for a tool to solve your problems, this tool is not for you. However, it does effectively generate high-quality, plagiarism-free content. It can spin over ten articles at once and get several quality levels.

Key Features 

  • Rewrite 500 words article in seconds. 
  • Extremely simple to use. 
  • Understands sentence structure and paraphrase accordingly. 
  • Picks high-quality synonyms. 
  • Passes Copyscape checks to ensure it is 100% unique. 


Clever Spinner offers a 3-day free trial; after that, you must pay for a monthly plan for $9.90. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee with the Plan, so you can be assured that your money is safe.

7. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter
Spin Rewriter

Last but not least on our list is Spin Rewriter. The tool is among the best and most renowned plagiarism tools available today. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and API to analyze and paraphrase the content. This tool gives you the most efficient paraphrasing, generates about a thousand text variations, and allows you to customize the tool. It even allows you to add images to your content.

Key Features 

  • Generate SEO-friendly content within minutes. 
  • Create content equal to human work with a better understanding of words. 
  • In-built database of 126,000+ articles. 
  • ENL Semantic Spinning technology to keep your content top-notch. 
  • Excellent customer support to assist you whenever you need help. 


  • Monthly Plan – $47 per month
  • Annual Plan -$77 per year

Time Fee -$497 for lifetime access.

8. Duplichecker 

Duplichecker is an all-in-one tool for content writers. It is not just a paraphrasing tool but also contains a plagiarism checker and grammar checker. There is no need to sign up or register to use it to rewrite the spell checker. It is a free tool and is best for bloggers, content writers, and students.


Duplichecker supports multiple formats, including txt, pdf, doc, and odt. Overall, it saves a lot of time and effort by processing content efficiently. 

 Key Features 

  • It is user-friendly 
  • Best suited for beginners and professionals 
  • A free version is also available  
  • No limitation or conversion, or usage 
  • You can check plagiarism of up to 2000 words in one go 


  • Monthly Plan- $10 per month 
  • Yearly Plan- $110 per year 

9. Paraphraser.io


Paraphraser.io stands out as the leading online paraphrasing tool, offering a seamless experience for users of all levels. Even those without prior paraphrasing expertise can effortlessly and accurately complete their work. 

This tool aids in sentence rephrasing without altering the underlying message, ensuring content remains unique and free of plagiarism. Moreover, it highlights any grammatical errors that may have occurred during typing, simplifying the process of identification and correction.

Key Features 

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Rewords text into unique content without losing the original meaning
  • Automatically identifies and corrects grammar issues
  • Offers additional help with editing for improved results
  • Support for multiple languages


  • Monthly Plan – $7 per month
  • Yearly Plan – $60 per year

Is It Okay To Use A Paraphrasing Tool?

Paraphrasing is an important skill to master for academic and professional purposes. While some may be tempted to use a free paraphrasing tool online, it is best to take the time to learn how to reword or rewrite the text properly.

An effective paraphrasing tool should provide a new version of the original text that maintains its meaning while using different words and sentence structure. With the right approach, you can ensure that your writing will be accurate and professional.

In 2023, there will be many great online paraphrasing tools available. Some offer specialized features such as choosing a paraphrasing mode or comparing the rewritten text with the original text side-by-side.

When done right, these tools can be very helpful in producing high-quality content and managing a successful content marketing campaign. They can help you create, manage, publish, and measure your content, making it easier to understand what’s working and what might need improvement.

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Final Thoughts: Paraphrasing Tools

Now that you have gone through the best paraphrasing tools. Hopefully, you have found the answers to your questions about paraphrasing tools. If you need clarification with all the options and help to pick one, we recommend choosing Spin Rewriter or Word AI.

Lastly, pick the tool according to your requirements and budget. We hope this article helped you choose the right paraphrasing tool that meets all your needs. What is your favorite paraphrasing tool? Let us know in the comments below!

FAQs: Paraphrasing Tools

What does a paraphrasing tool use to function?

Most paraphrasing tools utilize automated technology to paraphrase. However, some websites employ writers to paraphrase your content for you.

Is paraphrasing considered plagiarism?

No, since you’re not copy-pasting material or content as it is, you are not plagiarizing when paraphrasing.

Is it safe to use a paraphrasing tool?

Yes, paraphrasing tools, especially the premium ones, are safe. So the benefit of getting a paid premium paraphrasing tool is safety assurance.

Which is the best paraphrasing tool for blog owners?

As a blogger, you can use Word AI or Spin Rewriter. They provide plenty of functions that you can use to rewrite your blogs and save time. 



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