Top 18 English Learning Websites & Apps To Improve Language Skills

Looking for the best apps to help you learn and boost your English knowledge? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed the 18 best apps & websites available to help you improve your English language skills.

free english learning sites

These apps offer a variety of ways to learn and practice English, from grammar and vocabulary lessons to speaking exercises and more. With these top-rated English learning apps & websites, you can learn new words, brush up on old ones, discover fun new ways to practice English, and gain access to a community of language learners like yourself.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner of English as a second language, these apps are sure to provide an effective way for you to improve your skills and fluency in the language.

They are accessible on various mobile applications, social media, and the web. These websites will teach you vocab, grammar, language concepts, and contextual usage. So let’s dive in.

Best Apps & Websites To Learn English – Why You Should Use?

Apps & Websites are the best way to learn English. With apps, you can learn English at your own pace and convenience. Free and paid apps are available, depending on your budget and how much time you want to spend learning English. An app is a great way to learn English words and phrases quickly.

You can also practice speaking English with native speakers in real time while getting expert feedback. For example, the best apps for learning English come with features like flashcards, games, quizzes, audio clips of native speakers, and more.

This makes it easier to keep track of your progress over time and stay motivated when learning new material. Best of all, many of these apps are free or have a free version, so you can try them without spending any money.

18 Best Free English Learning Websites & Apps in 2023

If you’re looking for the best free websites and apps to learn English in 2023, here are some of our top picks:

1. BBC Learning English

The website “BBC Learning the English” will assist you in practicing and increasing your skills in English listening. It offers a bank of English videos & radio broadcasts that teach phrases, pronunciations, intermediate & advanced courses of English, grammar, and communication skills in various & different scenarios.

BBC Learning English

On their website, a person can learn English with the help of different languages like Punjabi, Mandarine, Gujarati, and Thai. You can also follow ‘BBC Learning English’ on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter for lessons and quick tips. In addition, the quality content of BBC Learning English makes it one of our top favorite free websites for English learning.

2. British Council

British Council prepares you for reading, writing, and listening to the language. Learning English with the British Council increases vocabulary and provides grammar and business communication lessons. For example, you can play games, watch videos, read jokes, and so on while you learn English.

British Council

The learning courses of the British Council are divided into various sections, such as courses for teens and kids, professionals, adults, and courses for people preparing for IELTS. If you want to learn English in a specific language, learn on the website of the British Council. Other learning resources for English learning from the British Council are their pages on Facebook, the British Council mobile application for audio and videos, phrases, pronunciations, vocabulary, podcasts, and others.

3. Babbel

Babbel is a very popular learning website for the English language. You can customize your language (on-screen) to Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, or French while you learn English, making comprehension easy for a beginner or a new learner.


While learning online, evaluate your language knowledge for the best result. This website offers you the feature of knowledge assessment, and based on your assessment, it suggests quizzes and lessons. You can select either lesson options like speaking, writing, listening, reading, or grammar lesson. You can use a microphone for the dictation exercises & improve pronunciation.

4. Duolingo

The best website for English learning teaches you in your language. Duolingo lets you pick the language on display for better and easy learning. You can also choose your study time. Before starting a learning level, you can check your prior knowledge by taking a placement test.


Practice with writing, reading, and listening interactive exercises available on the platform. Additionally, you can talk with the help of a communication service or feature on the platform.

5. FluentU

FluentU helps in learning English through real-world videos such as music videos, news, and TV shows. The interactive captions of videos can be paused. Meanwhile, you can look for the definitions and meanings of captions. This helps in understanding the usage of a word in various contexts and how it is spoken.


You can also take quizzes that are based on videos. This platform keeps track of your progress & recommends appropriate resources to you for learning.

6. English Central

Like FluentU, this platform, “the English Central,” has a bank of 10,000 or more videos based on media, academics, kids, business, travel, and social. You can pick your favorite theme of your interest & watch the videos with definitions and captions.

English Central

It offers interactivities to improve pronunciation, grammar, and easy language learning. For example, if you want to check whether you are accurately speaking something, you can use a microphone to testify it. This platform feature makes it special compared to other English learning websites.

7. Phrasemix

Phrasemix helps you learn the practical English phrases used in real situations, such as eating out, job interviews, and making friends. In addition, listening to their lessons can help you improve your listening skills.


Phrasemix tracks your progress. The features- audio lessons and phrases prepare the individual to use the language quickly. The mobile application of Phrasemix is also a good resource for learning.


Many things are simple English learning website that provides resources on grammar, listening, reading, vocab, spelling, sentences, pronunciation, and so on.


Their techniques are easy and fun, using quizzes, flash games, podcasts, and printables. Unfortunately, the website’s interface is not very fancy, but it is an excellent source of learning.


This website provides learning resources for both students & teachers. You can participate in a teacher-student forum depending on your interest in hobbies, jobs, food, holidays, computers, travel, etc.


This platform helps you learn pronunciation, grammar, and phrases. Teachers can access different resources for their classroom teaching.

10. Voice of America

Voice of America is one of the top English learning websites. You can teach and learn how to read, speak, and listen to English. It provides resources on various themes like business, food, entertainment, health, science, and politics so you can learn quickly.

Voice of America

The videos, audio with the transcripts, quizzes, and articles providing keywords in highlight set this website apart from others.

11. Coursera

Coursera offers online English courses for academic, social, and business communications. This platform is very helpful for all learners (Beginner, Intermediate level & Advanced level).


Coursera offers a few free English courses; others can be availed through their subscription plans.


Talk helps you to learn listening, English speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar through theme-based phrases, audio lessons, concept applications, dialogues, and quizzes.


It’s streamlined the English lessons are pretty simple & effective.

13. TED talks

If you need to learn about existence or life, career & everything great while learning to communicate in English, then you must visit the TED talks. TED talks host talks from painters, authors, engineers, business people, architects, life gurus, and other individuals. They share their moving experiences, learnings, and heartwarming experiences with others.


You can see these recordings or videos with captions to learn easily and reference the recordings’ transcripts in different languages to comprehend their meaning. Additionally, you can participate in discussions based on any specific video to speak better and learn more about the matter. It is definitely among the top free websites for English learning.


The website “” by Jennifer Frost is very simple, helpful, and resourceful. You can practice & learn writing skills and English grammar.


It covers topics like adverbs, pronouns, nouns, essay writing, creative writing, conjunctions, exercises, articles, adjectives, prepositions, and many more.


Listen to a Minute website provides 1-minute audio to learn the language. It has 479 audios with nine-page handout exercises & quizzes for convenient group study.

listen a minute

These audios are micro-theme based, such as eating, doctors, dogs, lies, driving, humor, guns, family, and electricity. If you have little time, this is the perfect and fun method to learn English.

16. offers IELTS-based articles, English speaking, writing, listening, reading, exercises, and vocabulary podcasts. You can also download any podcast for offline learning.

IELTSpodcast learning

This platform helps you to pass or crack your IELTS exam. And if you intend to skip the IELTS exam, then it can benefit you in increasing your fluency in English.

17. Busuu

Busuu English is a great website for those looking to learn and improve their English skills. It offers fun, interactive courses that are tailored to meet your individual needs. With over 30 learning activities, you can learn grammar, reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, and more.


You also have access to native speakers who can provide feedback on your progress and help you improve. The website also offers a community page where you can connect with others learning English and exchange tips and advice on how to learn the language effectively.

18. Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone teaches languages fully online through short, interactive audio and video activities. Learners build conversation skills and vocabulary naturally, using the language in everyday situations. Speech recognition technology improves pronunciation and accent, while games and smartphone apps reinforce learning on the go. 

Rosetta Stone

A progress dashboard tracks personalized goals, helping beginners gain fluency for travel and daily conversations. Rosetta Stone’s interactive approach makes acquiring a new language engaging and practical, boosting speaking confidence.

Benefits of Using English Learning Websites & Apps

English is one of the most popular languages in the world, and learning it can be beneficial for many reasons. English learning apps can make this process easier, faster, and more enjoyable. With the help of the best English learning apps, you can learn grammar, pronunciation, and other aspects of English quickly and easily.

They also provide native English speakers to help you with conversations and improve your fluency. The best free English learning apps are also available, which provide useful resources such as quizzes, practice tests, audio lessons, and games to help you learn effectively. In addition, they often include features such as flashcards, interactive exercises, and virtual classrooms to make learning fun.

Final Thoughts: Best English Learning Websites & Apps

The necessity of providing online courses has increased a lot, and learning English through online courses is one of them. We have tried our best to compile the best websites for you to learn English, which is free of cost.

Whether trying to improve your English or learning English as a beginner, these reviewed websites will help you. For example, you can select two to three websites for English learning that work best and get disciplined with daily learning.

All the resources discussed in the article offer different teaching structures and formats from which you can select the suitable one. Be persistent while learning, and make sure you interact more with English speakers in real life. Have fun and enjoy learning & teaching English!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which website helps you learn English for free?

Several websites provide free content and courses for learning English, like FluentU, BBC Learning English, and Talk English.

Which mobile application is the finest for learning English?

A few apps help me learn English, like Duolingo, Phrasemix, FluentU, etc.

Is it possible to learn English by yourself?

Yes, you can learn English with the help of online courses accessible to everyone.

Which type of courses does Babbel offer?

Babbel offers 60000 lessons on various topics to understand the basics of work, travel, living abroad, relationships, etc. They also offer special reading, speaking, listening, and writing courses.

Can I access all languages on Fluentu in a single account?

You can access all languages in a single account, such as German, French, Russian, English, Korean, and Japanese.


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