Quillbot Free Trial 2022: How To Claim It? (Steps Listed)

As a writer, delivering the right content can sometimes become challenging as you might go through some blocks. However, the Quillbot free trial can help you overcome your writing obstacle.

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Quillbot is a popular writing tool amongst writers, bloggers, and students. Millions of people use it to make their content readable and clear. Quillbot can be your savior in a crisis if you are a writer. However, every good thing comes at a cost, and the case with Quillbot is the same. To get more insights into Quillbot, check our detailed Quillbot review here.

Affording a subscription to Quillbot can confuse you and may even leave you wondering whether the platform is worth paying so much. Therefore, to come to your rescue, we have made it easier how to get a free trial for Quillbot! 

In today’s post, we will be discussing the Quillbot free trial and its benefits. We will also mention how you can avail of the free trial in easy steps.

With that, let us quickly dive into the details!

What is Included in Quillbot Free Trial?

If you are a writer on a budget and cannot afford all these expensive writing tools, the Quillbot free trial is the perfect place for you. You can rewrite your content in a formal, readable, and fluent way and upgrade the quality of your writing for free.

The best part about Quillbot’s free trial is that it does not have a time limit; you can use it whenever and for however long you want. Furthermore, you can rephrase up to 400 words and 1000 characters in one go in the free trial period. Nevertheless, there are no limits on how many times you can rephrase.

Quillbot offers a summarising tool, grammar checker, co-writer, and citation generator, along with its exceptional rephrasing tool. Moreover, you can also use it to check for plagiarism. However, the free version comes with restrictions. So, to unlock its complete potential, you will have to upgrade to the premium version. We will be discussing these tools in detail in the other sections of this post. 

So, let us move on to the exciting part, where we tell you how to avail of the Quillbot free trial in just a few easy steps!

How to Use Quillbot Free Trial?

After knowing all about the Quillbot free trial and its unlimited time benefits, you must be thrilled to learn how to use it. Below is a simple step-by-step guide on unlocking the free trial.

Step 1: Visit the official Quillbot website by clicking HERE.

Quillbot Overview

Step 2: Fill out all the information and create your account on Quillbot.

Create Account

Step 3: Now, personalize your Quillbot account according to your writing needs. 

Personalize your Quillbot

Step 4: Next, head to the home page; you will have the paraphrasing tool where you have to paste your text.

Paste Your Text

Step 5: After pasting your text, click on ‘Paraphrase,’ and Quillbot will rephrase your content within seconds.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Quillbot free trial and are entitled to use it as long as you want. Then, rewrite readable and error-free content within seconds. 

Quillbot Pricing: Explained!

Quillbot has a free version in which you can use almost all its functionality, but specific tools like plagiarism checker do not provide its services in the free version. So to unlock Quillbot’s complete advantage, you will have to upgrade to their premium plan.

Quillbot Pricing Plan

Quillbot has a simple pricing plan that consists of one premium plan divided into monthly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. The monthly membership is best for users who do not have extensive and long-term writing work, and it is priced at $9.95 a month.

The semi-annual subscription is perfect for someone in the learning phase of content writing and trying to improve. It starts at $39.95 for six months. Lastly, its annual subscription is ideal for professional writers with big projects, and it is priced at $49.95 a year.

Is Quillbot Worth it -Our Experience!

Without a doubt, yes! Quillbot is an excellent all-in-one writing tool for all writers. If you are someone who struggles with formality and fluency in your content, quillbot will help you achieve the perfection you want in your work.

The grammar-checking tool of Quillbot helps you achieve precision and grammatical excellence in your writing. It corrects all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, making your content fluent and clear. 

The paraphraser helps you write your content in better words and can also set the tone you prefer; you can choose from standard, fluent, formal, simple, and creative tones. You can also expand and shorten your content according to your requirements. 

Besides that, Quillbot also has a separate summarising tool in which you can create a short and brief version of your elaborated writing within seconds. Moreover, the citation-generating tool compares your writing and allows you to add various references to the content. 

Additionally, the co-writer tool is a one-stop solution for all your writing needs; you can research, note, paraphrase, summarize, add citations and analyze your content from one tab. Quillbot has recently added a plagiarism checker that scans your content through millions of websites and gives accurate results. 

We have been using Quillbot for years for several reasons, and it has always helped us deliver the correct writing or content. So if you are thinking about using the Quillbot premium plan and unlocking all the restrictions, go for it. We recommend giving the tool a go if you need an all-in-one solution, right from helping you with writing to checking plagiarism! As a writer, Quillbot is a complete package for you. 

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And that’s a wrap for our Quillbot free trial post. Whether you are a newbie writer with a budget or a professional writer seeking high-quality writing, Quillbot caters to everyone’s needs. 

Quillbot’s free trial offers all the essential tools and functionalities to transform your content into any form of your choice. So, if you are unsure about the Quillbot premium, you can use its free trial for as much time as you want and then decide whether it fits your needs.

We hope this article helped you in getting the Quillbot free trial. So, over to you, what is your review on Quiilbot? Let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does Quillbot’s free trial last?

Quillbot offers its free trial to all users, and they are free to use it as much as they want to without restricting the attempts or time. 

Is the plagiarism checker free in Quillbot?

Unfortunately, Quillbot does not offer its plagiarism checker in the free version. However, if you want to use its plagiarism checker, you can upgrade to a premium subscription. 

Can I change the writing mode?

Absolutely, you can change your writing mode because it has seven adjustable writing modes.

Does it keep your history?

Yes, it keeps your history as it stores a copy of the stored documents and paraphrased genres of original documents.

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