Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke – Detailed Comparison [2021]

Are you confused between the two best grammar checkers in the market, Grammarly and WhiteSmoke? Well, we have got your back. Here in this article, we will be presenting a curated comparison between these platforms to figure out which one will work the best for you.

Grammarly VS WhiteSmoke

Over time, there has been a revolution in the importance of proofreading your content and the online checkers that can proofread the content. Almost all of them offer a cost-effective, easy, and reliable user experience making it difficult to choose one amongst these platforms. But to make it easy for you to opt for a platform between Grammarly and WhiteSmoke that will fit your needs, we are putting forth a detailed comparison.

But before we get started, let’s quickly read a bit about both these platforms.

Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke – Overview

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most incredible tools for grammar checking out there in the market. It is widely used across the globe and is developed by an expert team of programmers and linguists. From a beautiful interface to humongous integrations, Grammarly has proved its mettle in the market.


The platform offers a magnificent multi-platform ecosystem. You have two options to get your text to proofread; you can either use its real-time texts editor or can upload the document you want to get checked. Grammarly puts into use the AI-powered machine language as well as pre-recorded grammar combinations to scan through your documents and find the mistakes. The mistakes that are spotted are underlined with the fixes on the right-side.

2. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is another phenomenal platform that can function on almost any device, making it an ideal choice. It has a beautiful user interface and offers a great experience to its users. The platform is known for its innovative approach towards the entire spell check game.

Whitesmoke Free Trial

Its algorithm reads about millions of web pages and newspapers and then collects the writing style information. This information gets applied to the spell-checking program.

Grammarly VS WhiteSmoke: Database & Accuracy

1. Grammarly Database & Accuracy

The platform is straightforward to use. All you need to do is put in your content, and you will get a score that Grammarly will be comparing all the other content it has seen before1 when considering stuff like advanced-level grammar.

grammarly accuracy

The app also has to offer an in-depth context regarding grammar punctuation as well as plagiarism. This way, you get an idea of all the mistakes you made and also learned from them. You can disregard the error, too, if you think the suggestion is not correct. Grammarly boasts a database of 16 billion-plus.

2. WhiteSmoke Database & Accuracy

Like Grammarly, you have to drop the content in its editor, and then you will get the suggestion and fixes for your errors. WhiteSmoke can pick it all from styling issues like passive voice usage and redundant works to other grammatical problems.

This way, you not only get a clean copy, but you also get a pretty engaging copy. WhiteSmoke boasts a database of 17 billion-plus.


Grammarly wins in this comparison. Even though the database size and accuracy, Grammarly wins it because of the much more detailed sentence rephraser and the reporting interface. What makes it even better is its user-friendliness.

Grammarly VS WhiteSmoke: Device Usage & Limitations

1. Grammarly

The platform has reasonably liberal free limitations for grammar checking. With this checker, you are losing access to plagiarism checkers and few more advanced features. It is safe to say that Grammarly is a more functional version of MS Words that can offer better structure suggestions for your sentences.

You can install the desktop app as well as the chrome extensions. The tool can work well with both Microsoft Office as well as Google Docs. The platform can work well with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safar, and Microsoft Edge. It functions very well on Mobile too. But there are a few restrictions that follow the paid version:

  • Grammarly offers access to connections with five devices.
  • In a month, you can review 1,50,000 words or 300 documents.
  • In a month, you can review 50,000 words or 100 documents.
  • The size of the uploaded document should be 4 MB or lesser.
  • The file types that work are .txt, .rtf, OpenOffice, and MS Word Documents.

2. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke lets you detect the run-on sentences on as many devices as you wish. But for the MS word documents and desktop app have a character limit of 10k, which is a pretty tight restriction for those who want to check documents that are longer in length. The tool can work well with both Microsoft Office as well as Google Docs.


Grammarly wins in this parameter. Though WhiteSmoke has unlimited devices to offer, Grammarly has a much higher paid limit and a free plan.

Grammarly VS WhiteSmoke: Customer Service Support

1. Grammarly

grammarly customer support

Grammarly is known for its lightning-fast customer support. If most of the reviews are to be believed, the platform’s customer support agents reach out to their users in about 1 hour. This makes Grammarly an incredible platform.

2. WhiteSmoke

Though WhiteSmoke offers a live chat option using which the users can reach out to the support instantly. But if most of the reviews are to be believed, the customer support was pretty disappointing as the support takes much time to reach out to the users.


Grammarly wins in this parameter.

Grammarly VS WhiteSmoke: Multilingual

  • Grammarly: Grammarly though is an excellent platform for grammar checking, but the only language it supports is English.
  • WhiteSmoke: WhiteSmoke can work with more than 55 languages. It is super easy to check plagiarism, spelling as well as grammar. All you need to do is hit the “Translator” option and then copy-paste the content as usual. Then you have to set the home and the foreign language. Next, click on the “Check Text.”


WhiteSmoke wins in this comparison as it is great for the English language errors; it works amazingly for other sign languages as well.

Grammarly VS Whitesmoke: Pricing & Plans

Grammarly Plans:

grammarly plans

  • In the free plan, you get basic suggestions on writing.
  • The Premium Plan starts from $11.66 per month, where along with the basic suggestions on writing, you also get corrections regarding style, clarity, and many other advanced things.
  • The Business Plan starts from $12.50 per member per month, and here you get clear and professional communication for a team that ranges from 3 to 149 people.

Whitesmoke Plans:

Yearly Plan:

  1. The Web Plan currently costs $5.00 per month. It is compatible with all the browsers and offers Grammar and Plagiarism checks as well as Translator.
  2. The Premium Plan currently costs $6.66 per month. It is compatible with all browsers and Gmail, MS Office, Windows (7,8 and 10), and macOS Sierra (10.12). Along with the web version features, you also get to lay your hands on 1- Computer license, instant one-click proofreading, and integration with all the writing platforms.
  3. The Business Plan currently costs $11.50 per month. It offers the same integration options as Premium Plan and provides the same set of features as the Premium plan. Additionally, you get, 3-Computer license, extended download warranty phone customer support.

3-Year Plan

  1. The Web Plan currently costs $3.47 per month with the same features as the yearly Plan.
  2. The Premium Plan currently costs $5.55 per month with the same features as the yearly Plan.
  3. The Business Plan currently costs $8.82 per month with the same features as the yearly Plan.

Now that we have a basic idea about both platforms let’s compare both these platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the margin of error with WhiteSmoke?

A: Even though WhiteSmoke is one of the most comprehensive and one of the best text editors out there, it still can miss out sometimes. WhiteSmoke comprises many tools ranging from spellchecker to tone checker to grammar checker and what not. However, nothing is perfect in this world. It still can make mistakes. However, the probability of such a mistake happening is very minute, and you will hardly encounter any such error while using this software.

Q2. What are the minimum requirements to install and use WhiteSmoke on my system?

A: WhiteSmoke is a very lightweight software and can run on almost every modern-day computer system.

Q3. How does Grammarly review and suggest edits in my text so quickly?

A: Grammarly has developed various sophisticated and advanced yet efficient algorithms for its software. Along with these algorithms, Grammarly also has high-speed cloud-based systems. All this combines to give you the best results in the quickest time possible. Regardless of how fast it works, Grammarly never cuts corners while working on your text.

Final Words:

Both the platforms are great options for grammar as well as a plagiarism checker. So the final recommendations are:

  • Opt for Grammarly if you search for accuracy and reporting, particularly with grammar and spellings in the English Language. This tool is magnificent if you wish to create your dictionary with phrases and words that necessarily are not in the giant dictionary.
  • Opt for WhiteSmoke if you are someone who wishes to check the punctuations as well as spellings and a multilingual platform.

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