Grammarly Free vs Premium -Is it Worth Upgrading to Premium?

Confused between Grammarly Free vs Premium? You have landed on the right page! 

Grammarly is one of the most widely used writing assistants. It offers exceptional features to assist you in writing excellent content. While you can use the free plan with many features, you may be curious and wonder -should I upgrade to Grammarly Premium, or would it just be another waste of money?

We have been using Grammarly premium for years now, and we have been there, too -in confusion about whether upgrading to premium was worth it. When you do your research on the internet, you will come across multiple biased reviews of Grammarly premium. Instead of helping you pick one, it will only create additional confusion. 

This is why we decided to help you choose Grammarly free vs premium. In this article, we have made an in-depth comparison of what each version offers so that you can understand if upgrading to the premium version is worth your money! 

So, excited to know about what Grammarly premium offers? 

Let’s dive into the details! 

Grammarly Free vs Premium: What Does Each Have to Offer?

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Let’s start our comparison by understanding what each version has to offer. We will break down what Grammarly free provides users and then move to the additional features that you get when you upgrade to the premium version. 

Grammarly Free

The Grammarly free version is straightforward and convenient for users. You can easily use this tool as it is beginner-friendly and does not require extra effort. However, the free version only helps you get an accurate basic grammar check. This version suggests the errors and gives recommendations. 

Grammarly Free Overview

Compared to other tools online, the free version has a lot more to offer! If you are someone who needs quick suggestions and does not have much writing work, the free version should work just fine. 

Grammarly Premium

The premium version of Grammarly takes the basic version of Grammarly to a whole new level. It mainly contains 400 additional writing checks useful for all types of writers. However, the price of Grammarly premium is slightly high as it checks the spelling and grammar and gives vocabulary and style suggestions with a plagiarism checker that can also be used as a Copyspace variation. 

Grammarly Premium Overview

For someone who is a professional and has writing work every day, be it college work or office, Grammarly premium is one of the most reliable writing assistants and your best investment. 

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Key Features 

As both the free and premium versions of Grammarly are convenient and have different offerings, it also has some features that you should have an eye on. 

Grammarly Free:

  • It is an AI-enhanced tool that checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Grammarly has MS word, Google docs, Browser integration 
  • Easily available on mobile 
  • Picks up the accurate errors 
  • It allows the creation of a personal dictionary 

Grammarly Premium:

  • Offers developed style recommendations that cover word usage and sentence pattern 
  • Checks the tone and formality level of the content
  • It has an inbuilt plagiarism checker
  • Allows human proofreading
  • Checks the inconsistent style of the content. 

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Key Differences 

Grammarly free version and premium version have some differences that will surely make you understand better about both the tools. So, let’s take a look at the differences below! 

Grammarly Free:

Grammarly’s free version is accurate in basic spelling and grammar checking. The free version mainly contains the tools for grammatical errors correction. 

The Grammarly free version mainly includes:

  • It has an automatic spelling checker
  • Tone detector
  • Punctuation checker
  • Grammar correcter

The free version can be easily switched between British, American, and Canadian English so that you can write as per your preference. 

Grammarly Premium:

The Grammarly free version has many additional tools compared to the free version that helps provide an effective and clear tone to the content. 

The Grammarly premium version includes:

  • It has more than 400 additional grammar checkers
  • It has advanced collaboration features 
  • A writing assistant that is an AI-powered 
  • It also provides readability reports to the users. 

The premium version has maximum offerings as compared to the free version. Additionally, Grammarly also enables you to use its premium version as well through the extension. This means you can easily add the extension to wherever you work and directly access the premium features. 

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Grammar Checking 

The central concept for which you and I use Grammarly is for the grammar check, both the free and premium version offers the grammar checking feature, but the accuracy of both these versions matter the most. You will get to know me in-depth about the accuracy they offer.  

Grammarly Free: 

Free Grammar Checking 

If you use the free plan for grammar checking, you will surely get an accurate result and good content recommendations, but in the free version, you don’t get complete insights into the content. The free version somewhere lacks giving a true accuracy of the content. It mainly gives you correct insight but also lacks some suggestions. 

Grammarly Premium:

Premium Grammar Checking 

Grammarly premium provides you with accurate recommendations and gives you many useful features that have been discussed above as compared with the free version of Grammarly suggests more insights into the premium version. The premium version is especially for those who require long content reports and want the content to be more effective and human-friendly.

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Writing Suggestions 

As there are many other alternatives to Grammarly, Grammarly comes as the top tool in the world for grammar checking because Grammarly has high-quality Ai based assistants that provide great suggestions and accuracy. 

Let’s compare the assistant’s performance with the Grammarly free and premium versions. 

The suggestion is specific for the Grammarly free version and is limited, but the premium version has so much to offer. 

  • The premium version suggests a complete and advanced guide on grammar, spelling, and punctuation 
  • It provides fluency and flexibility to the content. 
  • The premium version makes it easy for the users to read. 
  • It helps the user write engaging content. 

So clearly, you can see the difference that the premium version has more suggestions offered than the free version.

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Pros and Cons 

Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, you will learn about the Grammarly free and premium version’s pros and cons. 

Grammarly Free Pros 

  • Gives Accurate Suggestions 
  • Easily to use for browsers and devices
  • Check fluff content and make the correction 

Grammarly Free Cons

  • It does not suggest any style 
  • It only gives the basic word usage feedback 
  • It doesn’t support advanced formatting 

Grammarly premium Pros 

  • It provides a style checker that makes your content better
  • It also recognizes the plagiarism in your content
  • It makes the writing effective and clear

Grammarly premium Cons

  • It sometimes provides unnecessary suggestions
  • Often less to the repetition of words
  • Might be expensive for many people. 

Perks of Upgrading to Grammarly Premium

As a premium user for years now, we have had unique experiences with Grammarly. Not to mention, we still use Grammarly for our content to help us write better. With its exceptional features, upgrading from the free version to the premium version allowed us to see our mistakes better and improve our writing. 

Additionally, it also reduced our cost of paying other plagiarism checkers to check the content with its in-built plagiarism detector tool. Some additional perks of upgrading to the premium include: 

  • Excellent writing style, Grammarly’s premium version offers a great writing style that makes your content more glorified.
  • It gives your content phrasal predictions that make your writing more advance
  • It provides the content with effectiveness that makes the content clear and readable 
  • It identifies the domain of the content and makes the content very advance

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Pricing 

Now a critical discussion arises, and that is pricing. Grammarly mainly has three plans policies Free, Premium, and Business. The business plan is only suitable for people who have a business and have to get involved in heavy content writing. 

Grammarly Pricing

Firstly the Grammarly free plan offers basic grammar advantages.

The premium version has plans in mainly three ways Monthly, Quarterly, Annually.

The plan’s monthly cost is $29 per month, the quarterly cost is $19 per month, and the annual cost is $11 per month. 

So before purchasing a Grammarly premium, get to know about all the valuable offerings that Grammarly premium has to offer. It will be beneficial if you subscribe to the annual plan. Grammarly’s yearly plan costs $139, which is cheaper than a premium plan. 

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Grammarly Free vs Premium: Final Verdict 

So as you have understood the versions of Grammarly, I will quickly give you short information about both the version and which one will be beneficial for you to choose the correct one for yourself. 

If you are a blogger, content marketer, running a website, teacher, or student, then Grammarly premium is best for you as the version offers advanced suggestions and effectiveness. 

But, if you simply want to grammar check your content, spelling check, and punctuation check, you should choose the free version. 

We hope that a clear picture has been set up inside your mind about which version will be best for you. Are you considering an upgrade to Grammarly premium? Let us know your review in the comments section below! 

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