Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Review 2023: Is It Accurate?

In recent years, the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker tool has become increasingly popular among students and professionals to check their writing for grammatical errors and plagiarized content.

Grammarly is today’s best plagiarism checker with its upgraded algorithms and comprehensive features. But how accurate it’s algorithm will it be?

How Accurate is Grammarly Plagiarism Checker - Thomson-Shore

This article will review Grammarly’s accuracy, explore its features and pricing plans, and compare it with other top plagiarism detectors.

By the end of this article, you should understand how accurate Grammarly Plagiarism Checker will likely be in 2023 – so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should purchase a particular product.

So let’s learn about the tool without any delays, shall we?

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Using a plagiarism checker is an essential part of any writer’s toolkit. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is one of the best plagiarism checkers available, and its review by writers is overwhelmingly positive. You can get an even more accurate plagiarism check with the Grammarly premium version.

The way it works is that it compares your text to online sources to detect any instances of plagiarism. For example, if you want to use the plagiarism checker without paying for the premium version, you can still do so, as some free versions are available.

This will help ensure that any written content you produce is original and not copied from elsewhere, which could lead to serious consequences if found out.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: In a Nutshell

The Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is an excellent tool for anyone who needs to check for plagiarism. It is a great tool for students and professionals alike. With the premium version of the software, you can quickly and accurately check plagiarism with its advanced algorithm.

The software compares your text with billions of sources on the web, looking for instances of plagiarism. It also gives you valuable feedback and suggestions on improving your writing.

The free version of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker provides a basic analysis to detect plagiarism, while the premium version can detect more subtle plagiarism. Its easy-to-use interface lets you quickly look at any text and check for plagiarism instantly.

How To Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker?

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide on effectively utilizing Grammarly’s advanced plagiarism checker for your writing needs:

Step #1: If you’re new, take a minute to sign up for an account. If you already have one, just log in. 

Grammarly Official Page

Step #2: Once logged in, access the platform and click the “New” button to initiate a new document. This gives you a clean working space.

Click On The Upload

Step #3: Now paste or type the writing you want to check into the new document. Get all the content in there.

Paste Your Text

Step #4: On the right-hand side, click the “Plagiarism” button. Grammarly will scan your text against online sources to look for duplicates.

Tap To Plagiarism

Step #5: Grammarly highlights any parts that match other content, so you can see what needs changing. Use the highlights to rewrite sections in your own words so everything is original.

Review of Plagiarism

And there you have it! Remember that the plagiarism checker is a premium feature, so you’ll need a paid subscription to use it. Following these simple steps allows you to check your writing for plagiarism using Grammarly easily.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: Key Features 

The widespread use of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is due to the tool’s countless features. If you are not sure what these features could be other than checking for content originality, don’t worry. Instead, we have outlined some of the key features below.

  • Detects the percentage of plagiarized content
  • Content-sensitive analysis
  • Scans for complex and common grammatical errors. 
  • Advanced proofreading and spell-checker 
  • Suggestions for better word choices and punctuation.

Besides, you can use all the premium features with the built-in plagiarism checker!

How Does Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker Work?

Grammarly can also be used as a spelling and grammar checker, making it a great all-in-one solution for improving your writing. With its plagiarism detection feature, you can rest assured that your work will remain original and unique.

One limitation of Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker is that it can only detect similarities between two texts. This means that if a writer has taken content from multiple sources, the plagiarism checker may not catch all of them, and it could give an incorrect result.

It can also detect any grammar or spelling errors you may have missed. Finally, it can provide helpful hints and tips on how to improve your writing style and structure.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: Benefits

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: Benefits

Now that you know the critical features of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker let us see why you should use this tool above any other that checks for plagiarism. Some of the significant advantages that we found interesting are briefed below.

  1. Detects Plagiarism from Several Sources

One thing you should be reassured about while using Grammarly to detect plagiarism is the tool missing out on a webpage or another published piece of content. This is because it checks the content for plagiarism against billions of web pages and over a billion student papers. So even if the content is hidden behind a paywall, Grammarly will also look for plagiarism against that.

  1. Ease of Use

The tool has a beginner-friendly UI, making it easy for everyone to use. All you need to do is copy the content of your document, paste it into the tool, and click on the plagiarism button. The tool will look for content originality, and the results will be in front of you within seconds.

  1. Know the Sources

Several plagiarism checkers detect plagiarism, show the percentage of plagiarism detected, and that is it. Unlike these, Grammarly Plagiarism Checker indicates similar content and provides a list of sources from which the identical text comes.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: Drawbacks

Although Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is among the best tools, it has disadvantages. So before you start guessing the drawbacks by yourself, let’s look at the list we curated.

  1. Paid Feature

Unlike other Grammarly features for spelling and grammatical mistakes, the plagiarism checker is available only in the Premium version. Therefore, you must purchase an expensive plan to access the tool.

  1. Lags in Longer Pieces of Content

If you are editing long-form articles or content that is nearly or over 1,000 words, there is a high possibility of experiencing lags in Grammarly Plagiarism Checker. In such scenarios, you will be required to reload the page, wait for the tool to detect plagiarism, and in some cases, restart the browser as well.

  1. Only Available in English 

One of the major drawbacks of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is that the tool is available only for content written in the English language. This means you cannot check for plagiarism or errors if you write in another language.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: Is it Reliable in 2023?

Yes, Grammarly is still reliable in 2023, and after understanding the working of the tool, its features, pros, and cons, it’s time to find out if Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is reliable. Well, the tool comprises incredible capabilities for detecting plagiarism. So not only does it pinpoint piracy through its enormous database, but it also provides the user with a link to the initial source.

However, according to the website of Grammarly, the tool’s results are not a hundred percent accurate. Further, like other software, Grammarly Plagiarism Checker cannot detect whether the content has been written using a paraphrasing tool or manually.

Overall, if you are on a budget and need a grammar checker along with a plagiarism checker tool, Grammarly would be ideal. It suits students, working professionals, business owners, and more. 

Can You Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker for Free?

The free plan of Grammarly offers limited features, which include tone detection, conciseness, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Buying a plan is crucial to use software for detecting plagiarism. The pricing for these plans is stated in the table below.

Grammarly Pricing

Plan Starting at  Best for
Premium  $12 per month Individuals 
Business  $15 per month Enterprises, Organizations, and Teams

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Alternatives

When looking for alternatives to Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, a few good options include Quetext, Turnitin, Copyscape, and Duplichecker. 

1. Quetext

Quetext provides an advanced plagiarism checker that scans documents to identify copied text and generates originality reports. It can search through massive databases to compare writing and check for plagiarism from various sources.

2. Turnitin

Turnitin is another robust plagiarism tool used by many academic institutions. Turnitin checks papers against its extensive database of student work, websites, academic journals, and publications. It generates originality reports and provides source matching and text highlights. Turnitin is more specialized for academic settings.

3. Copyscape

Copyscape is designed specifically to search the web for duplicated or repurposed content. It can crawl pages and highlight plagiarized sections while checking if your work has been plagiarized elsewhere online.

4. Duplichecker

Duplichecker provides a simple, free plagiarism detection web tool that checks for copied text by searching major search engines. It offers paragraph-by-paragraph plagiarism checking and percentage ratings for free.

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The Final Word! Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Review (2023)

Whether you are a writer focused on producing unique content for a blog, a teacher marking essays, or a student writing an assignment, scanning the work for plagiarism will save you time and prevent you from making foolish mistakes.

In this article, we discussed various aspects of the popular tool Grammarly Plagiarism Checker to help you understand the extent of its reliability. Like any other program, the tool has several pros and cons that you will sign up for when you decide to use it. However, since the benefits outweigh its drawbacks, we recommend its use.

So, try the Grammarly plagiarism checker tool to save time and money!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Grammarly correct plagiarism?

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker helps detect plagiarism against billions of web pages and academic papers. It also provides suggestions on how to fix the plagiarized content.

Can you use Grammarly for university? 

Yes, the utilization of Grammarly is acceptable. However, using a spellchecker is not considered cheating, but you should check the plagiarism and cheating policy with your university before using the tool. 

Is Grammarly as accurate as Turnitin?

In terms of plagiarism detection, Turnitin is more accurate than Grammarly. But if we look at the overall assistance of tools in writing, Grammarly is better, considering its features like spell checker and grammar checker.

Can I use only the plagiarism checker feature in Grammarly without paying for the entire tool?

Unfortunately, the plagiarism checker feature comes with the premium plan. You cannot purchase Grammarly plagiarism checkers separately. Instead, you will have to purchase the premium version. 


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