Run At Destruction

TitleTown Publishing and Lynda Drews partner to bring to life the true story of a fatal love triangle that stunned the Green Bay, Wisconsin community.

Run At Destruction relives a tale of infidelity and homicide in America’s heartland. Painstakingly recounted from her point of view as the victim’s best friend, Drews leaves no detail unspoken. She chronicles the story of Pam and Bob Bulik – happily married, avid runners, among a tightly-knit group who thrive at the sport during the 80s running boom. Appearances, however, are deceiving, and Bob makes a mistake that would haunt a community for decades. His extramarital affair, that ultimately led to his wife’s untimely death, sparked one of the most talked about murder trials in Green Bay history.

We love this book because Drews truly creates a palpable environment for the reader. We felt as though we’d visited Preble Park for our own recreation, that we understood the intense bonds in a runners’ group, and that we empathized with Pam’s physical and marital insecurities that caused her moments of despair in the months before her death.

The book’s cover is also emblematic of the story, depicting what appears to be a harmless, carefree silhouette of three runners enjoying a jog in the sun, but who are ultimately headed into a shadowy abyss of the unknown. The look and feel of the volume is evocative of the sentiment written within—the loss of a friend is more than a media blitz and a publicized trial; the events following Pam Bulik’s death are a story. One that Drews relates with expertise and grace.

Run At Destruction is published by TitleTown Publishing out of Green Bay, WI. Recently, TitleTown gained media attention for their efforts in the “green publishing” initiative. TitleTown published this book as well as others using 100% post-consumer waste stock. In using this material they were able to save 161 trees, 7,360 pounds of solid waste, 57,362 gallons of water, 13,823 pounds of net greenhouse gases, and 115 million BTUs of total energy (Source of calculations:

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