Global Print Connections™


For the past 40 years, Thomson-Shore has provided the highest quality book printing and binding and the very best in customer service to the publishing industry. Today, we continue our dedication to solving our customers’ toughest publishing problems through a customer-centric approach and innovative problem solving. In recent months, we’ve added a few new services to help meet our customers’ needs…including e-book conversion & distribution, fulfillment solutions, distribution and direct-to-consumer order management, e-retail solutions, web-to-print digital printing, and one-off and micro-inventory print-on-demand programs.

Now we’re taking it to the next level by partnering with UK print and distribution giant, Clays. This new relationship is the backbone of the Thomson-Shore Global Print Connection™ which provides our customers with the same innovative business solutions, quality printing and binding, and exceptional customer service . . . now globally.

For 200 years Clays has been a market leader in book printing, producing over 180 million books each year all produced at one location in Suffolk, England. They are unrivalled in quality, service, and innovation. Through the digital revolution Clays has remained the UK’s leading book printing company, and embraced new media alongside the more traditional printing process.

Clays provides global distribution channels and state of the art production methods which allow us to meet our customers’ fast changing business demands and to develop innovative services aimed at reducing the need to hold unnecessary stock. A range of options are available to our customers, including an automated stock replenishment service alongside print-on-demand and short-run printing; and also a global approach to print, using print partners around the world to provide a one-stop shop for our customers.

Through this partnership and the vast combination of new and existing services, we can now offer the industry’s most competitive production model which allows books to be printed and distributed at point and place of need.


Global Reach:

UK and Europe


Perfect and Case Binding
Distribution & Fulfillment

Production Info:

Trim Sizes:
Standard trim sizes in the UK differ slightly from those found in the U.S. You can either send us UK standard trim size files at time of submission or we can convert them for you for a fee.
Standard trim sizes are:

A Format - 178mm x 111mm (178mm x 114mm)
B Format - 198mm x 129mm (198mm x 132mm)
Demy - 216mm x 135mm (216mm x 138mm)
Royal - 234mm x 153mm (234mm x 156mm)

*Numbers in parenthesis are for casebound sizes


Text Stocks: 50# White; 50# and 60# Cream Cloth: Rainbow Embossed; Rainbow Antique; Kivar; Rainbow LX; Brillianta/Verona/Sierra; Bonded Leather.

Turn-Around Time: 3-4 weeks
Insert Disclaimer: Please contact Sales Manager for information on inserts.


Stickering: The stickering of books is increasingly common. We apply thousands of promotional, correction or barcode stickers to our customers' books. We offer a quick, efficient and flexible service using either stocked stickers or client free-issue, which allows customers to respond quickly to market changes or requirements.

Shrink Wrapping & Presentation Packs: Shrink wrapping provides many benefits for presentation, security, protection and to hold a loose product in a book. We have the technology to shrink wrap individual books, multiple books or box sets.

Slip Cases: Placing books in slip cases, either individually or in multiples, is an ideal way for publishers to add value to their products. Slip cases come in two main forms: the fast, effective and versatile flexi-case, or the more substantial rigid slip cases.

Disc Insertion: We can supply and insert CDs or DVDs anywhere in paperbacks or cased books, including those discs supplied by the customer. Usually the discs are supplied in wallets, which we then glue on to the inside cover or case. They can also be inserted loose into the book and shrink wrapped if necessary.

Signed Copies: Author-signed copies are an important selling tool. We can arrange individual numbering, if required, or provide individual pages for the author to sign. This is fast and easy to handle and can be done at the author’s convenience prior to, or after production. Pages can be specially packed and delivered to a home address to simplify the process.

Handwork: Using our experienced team of bindery workers, we can handle intricate and complex upgrades, modifications or repairs to paperbacks and cased books. Inserts can be loose or glued and placed anywhere in the book. Popular inserts include CDs, booklets, promotional material and bookmarks. We are able to glue in many types of papers and materials to provide color, highlight for an area or to add marketing material. Wraps: Wraps are a great way of adding color to a book by wrapping one section round another. Available in a vast array of shapes, sizes and colors, belly-bands are another excellent promotional aid. They can be tucked in or wrapped around the whole book and applied to either paperbacks or cased books.

Packaging: We pack books to suit individual customers' needs including: Make-up and fill dump bins and counter packs, pack boxes to specific quantities, individual mailings in postal cartons

Direct Deliveries & Online Ordering: Often when placing a print order you won't have the details for your direct deliveries. With access to Clays fast, secure, online, real-time ordering system you can order direct deliveries up to midday on the day of dispatch and have them delivered next day.


Distribution & Deliveries

Warehouses & Wholesalers: Deliveries are palletized and a signed proof of delivery available in real-time.

Bookshop Deliveries: Deliveries are packed in cartons and sent through a national carrier direct to the high street stores. A signed proof of delivery is available in real-time.

Individual Mailings: Often part of a run is sent to a list of individuals. These are cartoned, labeled and dispatched. We use the most cost effective delivery method or use a customer's contracted courier.

Ordering Direct Deliveries: Often when placing a print order you won't have the details for your direct deliveries. With Thomson-Shore’s Global Print Connection, fast, secure, online, real-time ordering system you can order direct deliveries up to midday on the day of dispatch and have them delivered next day.

Parcel Calculator: Text paper weight and thickness can sometimes fall outside expected manufacturing tolerances, and this can affect the anticipated number of books in a parcel. Our books-per-parcel, parcel calculator gives a guide to how many books fit into a pack produced by our binding lines. Also note, if you are making a calculation for your warehouse, you should enter the publisher's name and advised your warehouse packing criteria.