Notes on Cooking

It’s as if someone collected everything our grandmothers seemed to innately know about cooking and combined it with the renowned expertise of a classically trained chef. Our first featured book Notes on Cooking: A Short Guide to an Essential Craft is a timeless guide to the act of cooking that allows the reader to truly appreciate the beauty in process. With a sensible, poised voice authors Russell Reich and Lauren Braun Costello deftly appeal to the integrity of serious chefs while instilling confidence in culinary novices.

Ever respectful, Notes on Cooking provides sheer volume of indispensable information without overwhelming the reader. This list of practical rules is both cultivated and approachable, supplying every kitchen and any cook an invaluable reference that explains everything from reading the recipe to its final presentation. We loved that we felt we were effortlessly reading intricate trade secrets. We will assuredly “59. Mise en place,” and remember to “182. Cook with unsalted butter.”

The appendices are equally thrilling, especially the “Cooking Essentials” and book recommendations. Reich and Costello truly arm you with the fundamentals necessary for success in the kitchen.

The volume itself is exquisitely designed with a simple, yet stunning cover reflective of the content inside.  Consider it perfect for your own bookshelf, or as a cherished gift. 

Thomson-Shore has been collaborating with Russell Reich for six years. His Notes on series of essential books on broad topics includes Notes on Directing, the triple-award winner endorsed by Dame Judi Dench, Edward Albee, Sir Ian McKellen, and Rupert Graves, among others. He is currently working on his third book in the series, Notes on Teaching.

Notes on Cooking has been featured in The New York Times, and on The View in conjunction with the release of the new movie Julie & Julia. We are proud to add this lovely work to our collection.

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The Notes on series is elegantly designed by Brian Taylor of Pneuma Books.  For more information on Brian's work, click here.