Gilbert's Fables

It is difficult to refrain from raving about Gilbert’s Fables by Dr. Jack A. Gilbert, so we won’t. We love that this stunning volume is aptly named, containing actual, honest-to-goodness fables. Each allegory explores a difficult issue our youth may struggle with in their daily lives, however the stories are disguised as they were in fables of old—behind dragons, snouted creatures, and great warriors, to name a few. While contemporary problems are addressed, such as a young boy who lost his hair from a disease, the modernity is always secondary to the story as a whole. Rather than feeling cloying or preachy, this book allows you and children to together explore life’s difficulties in a safe, engaging way.

With fantastical character names such as Davigna, Marvelon, Oomster, Mariza and Safeen, children and adults alike are transported into Gilbert’s magical, yet relatable worlds. Take for example the story of “Marvelon and Davigna.” In nearly the same breath, Gilbert acknowledges both the obvious differences between the two creatures, and their uncanny similarities. When the dragon Marvelon first encounters humans of Davigna’s world, he describes the game of tag he sees as “three small creatures running around on their two hind legs and waving their forelegs in the air in crazy circles.” Yet, Marvelon quickly recognizes their game as one his species plays called “Bite the Tail.”

Complementing the fascinating writing are the simply gorgeous illustrations by Molly Idle. Richly colorful, highly emotional and riveting, the artwork will surely charm even younger audiences, who may require some of the longer stories be broken up across multiple bedtimes. Parents, teachers, and caring adults will also love the “Conversation Starters” at the end of each story; a list of questions you can pose to your youngster to open up a dialogue and to reinforce their understanding of the affirmative messages they have just read.

In his About the Author message, Gilbert explains his commitment to nurture children and support adults in their connected quests to learn and teach strong positive values. It has been a while since a book has come across our presses that so vividly and beautifully accomplishes this goal.

This just in!!!  Gilbert's Fables is a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award for 2009!  Congratulations to Jack Gilbert and Sleeping Lion Publishing!  Click here to find out more about Jack's work or to purchase this book!