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Happy Earth Day 2009!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Happy Earth Day Friends!  Each year, approximately 30 million trees are used to make books sold in the United States—1,153 times the number of trees in New York City’s Central Park. Many of these trees are sourced from endangered forests with devastating impacts on the people and wildlife that rely on them.  We want to take a little time today to let you know, Thomson-Shore cares and we are making business decisions every day that minimize our impact.

The book industry is rapidly implementing practices that minimize negative social and environmental impacts. Over 160 publishers, representing about 40% of the book industry’s market share, have either developed strong environmental policies, or signed the industry-generate treatise on responsible paper use.   Thomson-Shore is leading the book printing business in these environmental sustainability practices. We were the first book printing company in the country to stock 100% post-consumer product papers, and to  join the Green Press Initiative.

We think being an employee-owned company helps us make better decisions.  Our employees understand our commitment to environmental sustainability and they are empowered to implement changes that impact, not only our business, but our footprint as well.

We hope you will take time today to think about your impact on Earth.  What steps are you taking to shrink your footprint?  In what ways can saving the planet help your bottom line?  Are your employees empowered to take action?  At Thomson-Shore we believe companies can co-exist with a healthy planet.  Visit our website to see how.