Audible Plus vs Premium Plus: The Ultimate Comparison (2022)

In recent years, book lovers have found a way to enjoy their favorite books without even reading them. What is this new way of knowing the contents of a book without having to read it? Its audiobooks and Audible is one of the world’s most renowned audiobook providers.

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Its catalog spans up to 500,000 audiobooks, with new audiobooks coming every month. But since 2020, it has brought changes in its single plan and now offers its users to choose between two of its plans, Premium Plus and Audible Plus. Most people easily get confused and overwhelmed while choosing between the two. Hence this list is here to help them to make the right choice.

So, if you are someone who wants to make the right choice between the two Audible plans, we have done a detailed comparison below! So, stay tuned until the end to see which plan suits you the best! 

Audible Plus vs Premium Plus: Overview

Audible plus is the basic plan that you can opt for in Audible. It is a smaller version of the premium plus offer; we’ll get into that soon. The plan allows the platform member to listen to any audiobook from the premium plus catalog, which suffers some reshuffling every month. 

Audible Overview

But unlike the premium plus plan, the user does not get availability to one credit per month. A premium plus member can use every single credit to avail of a book. Its catalog consists of thousands of audiobooks and expands from the genre of spirituality to true crime.

On the other hand, Audible premium plus is the next best thing on the platform for those who are more enthusiastic about their book count. In this plan, you get to have a credit every month, which you can use to avail any title from the platform’s catalog. The audiobooks present in this catalog are a set of an authentic and exclusive list of book names released by major and independent publishers.

Premium Plus vs Audible Plus: Features

While Premium Plus and Audible Plus are quite different in the features that they provide to their members, we will have a look at both of their features, and you can choose which might suit you the best.

Audible Plus:

  • Availability to the premium plus catalog
  • Access to most of the platform’s classics
  • Cycling catalog
  • Offers exclusive and platform’s original titles

Audible Premium Plus

  • Offers exclusive and original titles in a pre-sale shop
  • Access to platforms classics and modern titles
  • Availability of every title on the platform
  • Access to about 450,000 titles on the platform, including audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
  • Audible Plus vs Premium Plus Catalogue

When you opt for the Audible plus plan, most of the choices that you get in audiobooks belong to the classics category. But even in the classics category, you get access to some of the best audiobooks, such as The Queen’s Gambit and Anne of Green Gables. 

You also get access to the exclusive catalog of Audible, from which you can buy a title for its price or less, depending on the discounts going on at a time.

Whereas, after choosing the Audible premium plus plan, you get free access to the Audible premium plus catalog. This catalog consists of a constantly growing collection of novellas, books, short stories, podcasts, etc. Other than this, you also get access to a romance-exclusive collection, from which you can buy any title that you want.

Premium Plus vs Audible Plus: Which One is Better?

When it comes to which of the two plans is better, the answer depends on some factors. These factors are:

  • How much of an audiobook lover are you?
  • Do you want to do light listening or listen anytime you get the chance to?
  • Whether you want to buy an audiobook or two for cheap every month or not?
  • Is buying an audiobook a passion for you, and would you like to get additional discounts?

Everyone’s answer will be different than the other. Therefore, the better option among them depends on which option you find better for yourself. If you weigh in your answers right and set your priorities straight, then getting the answer to your question will become a piece of cake.

How to Choose the Best One for Yourself between the two?

Between Premium Plus and Audible Plus plans, the best deal depends on your listening capacity and wants. If you’re someone who hears not more than a single audiobook in a month, the Audible plus is the perfect plan for you. It is also an ideal plan for anyone who wants only to complete the gaps between their library collection and wants access to the platforms’ original content.

Audible premium plus is for avid readers who love reading a couple of audiobooks per month. Every title that the platform offers you might not be interesting, but between its massive library, you will always find the right pick for you. Pro readers who want to hear their favorite books from the narrative of some of the best content creators, who belong to famous publications, will also find this plan to be the best one.

Are Audible Subscriptions Worth It?

The subscription plans of Audibles are worth it if you aspire to become an audiobook reader. If you read around a single audiobook, then the Audible plus plan is for you. If you prefer to get availability to more titles and read a couple of audiobooks, the Audible premium plus plan is for you.

If you rarely hear an audiobook and are just starting to explore your passion, you can go with the free option. The experience will be limited, but it can be a great starting point for novice audiobook listeners.

Audible Plus vs Premium Plus: Pricing

Besides the credit system and the additional discount, one of the biggest differences between these two plans is their pricing aspect.

Audible Pricing Plan

Audible plus lacks the credit system and, therefore, is cheaper and comes at about half the price of the premium plus plan. The Audible premium plan provides two pricing options to the platform members. They can either opt to get one credit per month or two credits per month, and the prices between these plans vary because of this factor.

It also provides two yearly plans for the Audible Premium Plus. By choosing those, you get to have 12 credits or 24 credits, according to the plan your choose, as soon as you subscribe to the offer.

All the five pricing plans that you can choose from are Audible Plus (costs $7.95/month), Audible premium plus with one credit per month (costs $14.95/month), Audible Premium Plus with two credits per month (costs $22.95/month), Yearly Premium Plus with 12 credits (costs $149.5/year), and Yearly Audible Premium Plus with 24 credits (costs $229.5/year).

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Audible Plus and Premium Plus: Final Verdict

These plans are nothing less than gold mines for avid audiobook readers. Audible provides a great catalog of audiobooks, podcasts, etc. This makes it a great choice for other hearable entertainment enthusiasts as well. All the plans that the platform offers its members are worth each penny if utilized to their best. Therefore, choosing any option between them will serve you best.

We hope our article helped you figure out which one to pick between Audible plus vs Premium Plus. Over to you. Which one are you going with? Drop your picks in the comment section below!

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