Quill Pen Press


Welcome to Quill Pen Press
Quill Pen Press is a new independent publishing house, focusing on “books that bring the past to life” and offering readers a fresh look at America’s diverse heritage. The company’s first book, produced by Thomson-Shore and published in February 2006, is New England Court Records: A Research Guide for Genealogists and Historians. This book helps non-lawyers—novice and experienced researchers—to trace ancestors and regional history from the 17th to the 21st centuries. Early reviews praise New England Court Records as a “user-friendly reference,” a “required addition for the collection of every genealogical library,” and a “remarkable work that entertains as well as informs.”
Diane Rapaport, founder of Quill Pen Press, says that “choosing Thomson-Shore for production of our first book was one of our best business decisions. Not only did Thomson-Shore provide us with prompt quotes and answers to the many questions facing a new publisher, but they also offered all of the printing and binding services that we needed at a reasonable cost. Thomson-Shore kept us informed at every step along the way and took the worries out of the production process. The result was a beautiful book, which received praise from customers and reviewers—and garnered unexpected recognition for our new publishing house. One month after its publication, our first book was featured on the front cover of Publishers Weekly, in a special issue celebrating independent publishers for the 10th anniversary of Small Press Month! I look forward to partnering with Thomson-Shore on our future books.”
Quill Pen Press plans to grow and to continue publishing quality “books that bring the past to life.” In early 2007, its second book, The Naked Quaker and Other Tales from the Courthouse, will highlight true colonial court cases—amusing, poignant, shocking—of remarkable men and women nearly lost to history. These “tales” show that human nature changes little, no matter how many centuries pass. To learn more about Quill Pen Press, please visit their web site: www.quillpenpress.com