Bethlehem Books

Jack Sharpe of Bethlehem Books writes,

Bethlehem Books is a work of love of the Bethlehem Community. This 30 year old group of lay Catholics believes that there is common ground among all people who think that children should be offered a good measure of truth, goodness and beauty in order to grow. Basically a re-printer, we spend many hours researching the best of children’s literature from the past 100 years. We choose authors from all over the world and present to families and their children titles that are sound literary works as well ones having clear moral boundaries.

Our best selling titles are part of our Living History Library. Topics like the life of Archimedes, Galen and people living in Roman times are what our clientele are most interested in. One of our largest buyers is the home schooling market which extends into Canada, the U.K. and Australia. We are always glad to be part of a curriculum providers reading list.

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