Hobblebush Books

Hobblebush Books is a small New Hampshire publisher that specializes in the fine arts of typography, book design and book production. Over many years we have produced hundreds of titles for other publishers and authors, in addition to our own titles, and Thomson-Shore has always been a reliable partner when it comes to printing the books we have prepared so carefully for press.

We publish literary, humor, regional and poetry books, and the books we make for others cover the whole gamut. We recently received a letter about a book which we produced for Plaidswede Publishing (that was featured on Brian Lamb’s final Booknotes program on C-span and on the History Channel) and the writers (a former first pressman printer and an emeritus professor at the University of Michigan) had this to say:

“Having recently received a copy of Franklin Pierce by Peter A Wallner, I would like to comment on the quality of this publication. The selection of paper and the clarity of type are excellent, the half-tone reproductions are superb throughout. The cloth binding and the quality of the spine is superb. In addition the dust cover is constructed of excellent stock and the quality of the illustrations and the precision of the printing and registration cannot be beaten.  It is seldom in today's market that a publication such as this that may not be expected to sell a “million copies” receives such dedicated attention to the art and craft of book publication.  It is truly a pleasure to add such a publication to my library and I feel that you should receive the highest compliments and understand that someone appreciates your efforts.”

Who was the printer that earned this lavish praise? Thomson-Shore, of course.

Some of our own books that we are particularly proud of:

--Totally Useless Office Skills by Rick Davis, of which Dave Barry writes: “I am deeply impressed to find someone with even more spare time than I have.”

--Paris Was My Paramour and Other Lost Diaries by travel writer Lawrence Millman, of which Andrei Codrescu writes: “A Beautiful spaceship, good enough to take you to the far reaches of the imagination.”

--Small Town Tales by Sidney Hall Jr. Southern novelist and poet Fred Chappell calls it “a rare treat.”

Our latest book is an anthology of poetry called A Thin Time. It is about “learning to live with death through the power of language and community.” We try to publish books that are one-of-a kind, and that will make a difference in people’s lives.

Hobblebush Books is associated with Plaidswede Publishing of Concord New Hampshire and Oyster River Press of Durham, New Hampshire. Their books are also fine examples of what small publishers can do and can be seen on our website. www.hobblebush.com