About Us

When Ned Thomson and Harry Shore started our company in 1972, they believed the best employees would make up the best company. They hired people who were not just experts in book making, but who were obsessed with quality. Ned and Harry knew that successful customer projects are a direct result of empowered employees.

Thomson-Shore is an employee-owned company. We specialize in all books for big and small publishers. We're focused on pleasing our customers and improving the environment. We minimize paper consumption, maximize recycled content, and employ cleaner, waste-free production processes. Our employees go above and beyond for our customers, and our loyalty, dedication and pride in Thomson-Shore is evident in every book we make. We know Ned and Harry would be proud.

In the book manufacturing industry, Thomson-Shore is leading the way with “green press” initiatives. We proudly display the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo, the Rainforest Alliance logo, and the Green Press Initiative logo as symbols of our environmental commitment. In 2007, we were awarded the FSC Chain-of-Custody (CoC) Certification, which means that we diligently track, evaluate and store FSC-certified paper materials.

We were also the first book manufacturer to join the Green Press Initiative (GPI). GPI is a non-profit program of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs dedicated to increasing the use of environmentally preferable paper within the book industry. To date, 120 North American publishers have signed formal policies.

At Thomson-Shore, we know that making the best books requires more than just the best technologies; it requires the best quality customer service, expertise and commitment to environmental and social values. With these standards of excellence, you can be sure that we will always help you put your best book forward.