Thomson Shore Insite

What is InSite?

InSite is a portal into Thomson-Shore’s automated work flow. Through InSite you can upload files, check proofs, mark up the proofs, submit correction pages and approve/reject pages. Multiple people can collaborate at the same time on proofs in InSite. Email notifications are automatically sent when files are uploaded and pages are approved or rejected. Customers get email notifications when proofs are ready to view.

Using InSite will speed up the job submission and proofing process for you. You’ll save money by not having to pay shipping costs for the proofs. Your also helping save the environment. Materials and fuel won’t be consumed in the creation and shipping of physical proofs. Using InSite helps us both reduce our carbon footprints.

Below are some guidelines and video demonstrations of the InSite portal. If you would like to start sending files and checking your proofs through InSite, please contact your Customer Service or Sales Representative.

What is InSite Direct?

InSite Direct allows customers to preflight and check their uploaded PDF files. Customers will be alerted when they have low resolution graphics or missing fonts. 

Great Reasons to use Insite Direct:

  • Insite is available 24/7 365.
  • Processing and preflight happens when files are uploaded.
  • Many editors and designers can login and check files.
  • Saves time and shipping costs.
  • Environmentally responsible.
  • With Insite Direct, proof changes can be made at no cost.

 Help with InSite and InSite Direct:

Webinars and Videos on Using InSite and InSite Direct



What Our Customers Are Saying

  I received the book shipment today. I'm very happy. The books look wonderful. The quality is the best I've seen, and the process of doing business with all of you has been great. Many, many thanks!   

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