Environmental Initiatives

Environmental stewardship is an integral part of the culture at Thomson-Shore. We recognize that as a manufacturer, we have a greater responsibility to lead the way in environmental initiatives.
Green Press Initiative:
We were the first book manufacturer to join the Green Press Initiative (GPI). GPI is a nonprofit program dedicated to helping the book and newspaper industries implement processes that respect endangered forests, indigenous communities and global climate change. We are committed to helping our customers make the best environmental choices for their projects. When using environmentally friendly materials, you have significant impact on saving the environment. That is why we have made eco-audits available. You can show your reader with each title you produce that you are also committed to reducing your footprint on this earth. Ask your customer service representative about including an eco-audit page in your next title.
Company wide efforts:
We make it easy for every employee to recycle.
  • At every office desk, we have two waste receptacles, one for recyclable items and the other for non-recyclable items
  • We have a recycling trailer available for employees to bring in bulk items to recycle
  • There are large bins throughout the manufacturing area for plastics, waste paper, printing plates, and containers
  • We recycle all used oil
  • We recycle all waste and unusable ink
  • We recycle all waste sludge from our solvent recycler
  • Even the corporate swag and clothing items are made from recycled material
At Thomson-Shore, no decisions are made without considering recycled materials. The question is always asked, “If it creates waste, how do we recycle it?”