Marketing Solutions

From print…to publicity…to techno gadgets; we can help you create buzz for your next title.
Thomson-Shore provides collateral marketing communication materials such as posters, postcards and bookmarks to be used for author signings, point-of-purchase displays, direct mailings and more. Click here to find out more about what's in our Marketing Kits!
Why not incorporate a QR code into your marketing materials or book? QR codes connect the print world to the virtual world. You can direct your reader to your website, author signing, or even a demonstration video. Just give us the website address that you would like your reader to visit and we can create the QR code and include it in your print materials. It is as simple as that!
We also offer publicity services, through our partner, Smith Publicity. Their expertise is generating media attention for our customers and their books. A customized campaign will be created for you with a combination of pitching to all areas of the media - television, radio, magazines newspapers and online outlets. You begin by filling out a simple questionnaire and choosing the length of your campaign from one month to three months. We will take it from there and give you regular updates on the success of your campaign.
When printing your book with Thomson-Shore; we can offer you a complete and tidy package customized to suit your needs.

Contact your customer service rep or include the information on your request for quote. If you have questions regarding our specs or if you would like more information on QR codes and how they can help you, give us a call and we will walk you through it - 734-426-3939.