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Thomson-Shore is a full service book manufacturing company offering both offset and digitally produced black and white or full color text printing options.  Our production services start in prepress and run through the entire manufacturing process. Your book is in expert Thomson-Shore hands from the time you submit files until it leaves our loading dock. Whether you're an up and coming author printing your first hardcover book or an established publisher printing your hundredth title this year, our team of experts is here to help you put your best book forward. Your customer service representative will guide you through the process and help you select the best materials for your book. To assist with your decisions, we'll show you samples of paper, cloth , board, and printed books. We'll also advise on the details -- such as options for binding, covers and recycled paper options. We even do rounded corners!


The value of short run digital printing is speed. This option is best suited for projects such as:
  • Advance reader copies
  • Gap fill-in between reprints
  • Testing the market
When producing your books digitally, it’s vital to have properly prepared electronic files and select inventoried materials in order to keep costs down and improve speed times.

Digital print is typically used for quantities of 1 – 450. It may be more economical to print offset for quantities above 450. Speak to your customer service representative to discuss the best option for your project goals. 



For larger print runs, your best option may be offset printing. Your cost per copy will decrease as your print run gets larger. You will also have more options for trim sizes, bind styles, specialty printing techniques and you will enjoy a much better selection of materials to choose from.


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