Flavor Secrets: Back to the Basics

Flavor Secrets: Back to the Basics
is an affable, expert series of kitchen lessons and recipes, provided in a manner easily accessible to both the novice and home chef. Not your ordinary cook book, it is arranged in a way that, given a quick glance at the table of contents, a careless reader may wonder why on earth the main courses chapter appears before the one on appetizers (or any other course for that matter—it’s the first chapter). But be sure to give this eye-catching book more than a cursory glance, because Chef Lynn Miller knows her way around the kitchen, and inside a layman’s head.

“The Main Course has this name because it’s the most important part of the meal. That’s also why it’s listed first in this book. Chefs plan the main course first and then plan the rest of the meal to complement it”, Miller comments.


Likewise, we’re enamored with the fact that Chapter 10 is “Sandwiches & Chili,” and that “Cookies & Snacks” are not inappropriately lumped in with “Desserts.” However, it’s not simply the common sense layout that appeals to our family-oriented nature. Chef Lynn peppers most recipes with tips on using leftovers or her own trade secrets.

Creative ideas for reusing last night’s dinner? That itself makes this book one of our favorites.

Chef Lynn also takes painstaking care to show her commitment to the State of Michigan and our planet with this publication. A Michigan native (she’s from Battle Creek and currently living in Bloomfield Hills), she includes an illustrated acknowledgement of the fact that Flavor Secrets was published and printed in our home state. And, the use of Thomson-Shore’s full color process printing really allows Lynn to showcase her recipes in a way that will make you drool!

Lynn also participated in Thomson-Shore’s eco audit program and elected to print this title on 30% post consumer recycled paper, processed chlorine-free. As a result, she was able to save: 16 trees, 5 million BTUs of total energy, 1,542 pounds of greenhouse gases, 7,426 gallons of water waste, and 451 pounds of solid waste!

Lynn Miller is also the author of For the Love of Tuscany, a compilation of Tuscan-American fusion recipes.

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