Book Tasting Event @ Thomson-Shore

It's Friday afternoon and you're getting ready to hole up at home for the weekend. You're walking down the wine aisle, what are you going to go for? Your tried and true favorite, something new that catches your eye, or something that someone recommended that you MUST try.

The same applies to books. Almost 50% of book sales happen because of personal recommendations, which means word of mouth is key. You can have the best book in the world, but if nobody knows about it, no one will ever find it.

We always say "don't judge a book by its cover" but that's exactly what people do, especially when they've never heard of it before. You have a small window of time to capture someone's attention with your cover and entice them to turn it over to read the back. You have even less time to capture them again and get them to open up the book and take a peek inside. So first thing, you want to make sure your book looks right. This means that it doesn't just have a good design, but it has a good design that fits the genre.

Why are we telling you all this...? We want you to join us for our Book Tasting, an educational evening presented by Publishing Services @ Thomson-Shore, on June 28th at 5:30 PM. We'll focus on the face and feel of your book and offer you a taste for fine book design elements and teach you what good design means. Our Publishing Services experts will guide you in the right direction on your cover design, interior layout, and the effect of materials on your design while helping you discover the fun and joy in book design during this relaxed, educational evening.

  • A brief overview of the process of creating a book
  • How to pair fine cover art with great interior design
  • How to design your book to fit your genre
  • Choosing the right materials for the right look
  • Q & A, open forum
  • Networking
  • Wine, cheese, and other refreshments

This is a free general education session, open to the public but space is limited. We have a lot to discuss in the hour and a half time frame so our experts will have limited time to discuss personal projects, but book coaching/mentoring is available through our Publishing Services Department @ Thomson-Shore.

Email for questions.

Book Tasting

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