Cover and Jacket Design

Let one of our expert cover designers help you create a powerful cover that will appeal to your readers by blending art with commerce.

Standard Cover/Jacket Design
Guided by your ideas, the designer will select images from our huge supply of stock photography and designs to generate a unique cover for your title. Or if you prefer, you can submit images, artwork and photographs which the designer will incorporate into your design.

The designer will take care of all the details of the cover from placement of the title and author name to font styles and sizes to colors and overall balance. You can also supply back cover text about the book, about the author, pictures, quotes or endorsements.

Custom Cover/Jacket Design
A skilled graphic designer will create a custom designed cover that will ensure your book gets noticed. Original artwork can be created in a variety of mediums, depending on your desired outcomes and the genre of the book.

You provide our designer with details and ideas for initial cover concepts and a timeline for completion and the designer will provide you with a concept sketch and a final proof to check color and overall balance.

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