Prepress Guidelines

View our electronic pre-press guidelines below. All guidelines are provided in PDF format. If you are having trouble downloading files, the resources at the bottom of the page should help.

File Preparation:

File Submission:

  • Data Sheets (PDF)
  • FTP Guidelines (PDF)
  • Removable Media (PDF)
  • Submitting P-File (PDF)
  • Supported Applications (PDF)
  • Test Guidelines (PDF)

PDF Conversion:

  • InDesgin
  • Acrobat
  • Quark
  • Page Maker

General Prepress Information:

  • Digital Blue Lines DBL (PDF)
  • Apple Computer - Say No More
  • Adobe Software Systems
  • Enfocus Software
  • PDF Zone
  • Ebrary

For help with Adobe PDF files:

  • PDF Troubleshooting Instructions
  • Get Adobe Acrobat Reader