Meet Our Tech Guru, Jeff Rhoades

Meet our Tech Guru, Jeff Rhoades!

I've been in the printing industry for 21 years now. I started out assembling circuit boards for a company that designed RIP's for the newspaper industry. As the company grew, I moved into the service part of the company and went around installing and servicing these devices. After that, I worked for a commercial printer. It was a small company so I was able to wear a lot of hats. I mainly worked in the prepress area scanning photos, setting up files and outputting plates. I occasionally got a chance to work in the press room and bindery and did a short stint with direct mailing. Now, I reside here at Thomson-Shore. I was drawn here by the Employee Ownership culture. My initial years here were spent working with our customers to provide press ready PDF files for text. I still do that today along with helping customers prepare files for printing.

I enjoy spending time in the northern part of Michigan's lower peninsula. After staring at a monitor most of the day, it's relaxing to look at things that aren't plugged in. Even though I enjoy the outdoors, I'm still a nerd at heart. I enjoy playing video games when time permits. I try and keep up with the latest technology, at least in mind. The “want” and the “wallet” never seem to be on the same level. I'm married and have three children. I referee youth soccer games in the spring and fall.

Jeff Rhoades Prepress Technical Support 734-426-1718