The Voice of Thomson-Shore

How May I Direct Your Call?

Recently I filled in for the Thomson-Shore operator, Barb Alexa. In this short 10-minute span it was surprising how many customers replied, “Is this Barb?” when I asked to direct their call. It became very clear that our always cheerful and very helpful operator was not just a phone operator.

Barb is the secret weapon to our employees, (Barb can answer most things, find most things and knows everyone) and obviously our customers depend on the familiar voice to help them too.

After that experience I thought it be would a good idea to show the face and share some facts on the person so many expect to hear when they call Thomson-Shore. Barb has worked at Thomson-Shore for 35 years, (don’t believe the “ I started working here at the age of 3 story”). Barb has worked in most departments of Thomson-Shore; she was the first 3-knife operator in the state of Michigan. With plant wide experience and her knowledge of printing, she is not just the voice of Thomson-Shore but a voice that our customers depend on hearing when they call about their book.

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The unknown fill-in that hears the disappointment when I say….

 “I’m sorry, Barb has stepped away for a moment, may I direct your call?”