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School is Out!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

School is out and what does this mean?

For my household is spells disaster for my wife in the form of idle teenagers who live in the country. Of course I explain to them how “When I grew up we spent the whole day playing outside…. Go outside!” Can you see the eye rolls immediately evoked from my 15 year old?

So, we made a deal… for each book she reads this summer I have agreed to a modest sum of compensation from which she can purchase any number of things that a teenage girl might have interest in ….lip gloss, clothes, RED hair dye!

The catch… she must write a summary report and post it on a blog. So, take a look and see what she is reading. It’s not a replacement for Oprah’s list yet but some interesting titles are in the lineup.

2 books down…. I think I see a new bottle of nail polish in her future.


My daughter, rightfully so, has taken issue with my portrayal of her in my last posting. She clarified that in no way does she need compensation to read books. She loves books and regardless of my monetary motivation she would read throughout the summer.


Having said that I certainly will hold up my end of the deal to give her some motivation to read, read, and read.

I told her that I would be more than happy to clarify her love of books. I am more than delighted with a young adult being passionate about reading when some are proclaiming the death of reading within young people.