Color Management Tools Available

Thomson-Shore Color Management Objective

Color management at Thomson-Shore is a quality control tool that allows Thomson-Shore to reproduce color consistently on various devices and provides a means of communicating color more precisely with you, our customer.

There are 6 processes we have established and adhere to, in maintaining a color-managed environment.

  1. Document standards using industry guidelines and norms that we will adhere to.
  2. Fingerprint the Heidelberg 6 color press to verify that our printing conditions are producing accurate color reproductions.
  3. Profile our Epson proofers and our HP 5000 Indigo digital press to match the color gamut of the Heidelberg 6 color.
  4. Profile our RGB color space in scanning to maintain quality RGB to CMYK color conversion.
  5. Profile production monitors to a quality RGB color space and use ICC profiles for CMYK color space made from our press fingerprint.
  6. Maintain quality lighting in all 4 color reproduction viewing areas.

We can share the same RGB to CMYK ICC profile with our customers that we make from our press fingerprint to use in applications for work that you are sending to us. Using this profile with a calibrated monitor, will allow you to convert RGB to CMYK color the same as we do here at Thomson-Shore. Since there will always be some distinction between viewing a monitor and a press sheet we will send you a tiff and a PDF file with a printed sample of those files too help you evaluate your calibration settings along with the ICC profile and instructions for loading them.

If you're interested in acquiring this material please contact:
Jeff Johns at

Thomson-Shore will continue to monitor our processes and if any improvements are necessary updates and notifications will be made.

Color management is the measuring, monitoring, and controlling of RGB and CMYK color spaces from the digital file to the printed sheet.