Calculating Approximate Book weight

mulitply trim width x trim height
multiply answer above x text stock weight
divide answer above by 950
mulitiply answer above by page count, preceded by a decimal point


6 x 9 trim, printed on 60# stock at 320 pages...

6 x 9 =54
54 x 60 = 3240
3240 divided by 950 = 3.41lbs (=pounds per 1,000 pages at 6 x 9)
3.41 x .320 =1.09pounds per book (Text only)

simplified version 6 x 9 x 60 / 950 x .320 = 1.09 lbs per book.

Most calculators will allow you to enter all the numbers without totaling each
separate calculation. ( / = divide)

If over 1,000 pages put the decimal point after the first digit. i.e..1,200 pages on 60#....
6 x 9 x 60 / 950 x 1.200 = 4.09 lbs per book.


Add the appropriate case weight for your trim size to the text weight you calculated above.

CASE WEIGHT, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 ADD 5.2 OZ EACH (.325lbs. each)
CASE WEIGHT, 6 X 9 ADD 6 OZ EACH (.375lbs. each)
CASE WEIGHT, 6-1/8 X 9-1/4 ADD 6.3 OZ EACH (.394lbs. each)
CASE WEIGHT, 7 X 10 ADD 7 OZ EACH (.438lbs. each)
CASE WEIGHT, 8 /12 X 11 ADD 10.4 OZ EACH (.65lbs. each)

As a general rule add 10% to total book weight and round up to the 2nd decimal point. Then multiply by the number of books. Adding 10% and rounding helps to adjust for the added weight of things such as covers, dust jackets, endsheets, cartons, adhesives, etc.. This will give you a much better estimate of how much your shipment of books will weigh.

For smaller orders (under 1,000 pounds total) it will help accuracy to add 50lbs. for a pallet.

About how many cartons of books will I receive? As a general rule a full carton of books will weight about 40 pounds +/- 5 pounds. Just divide your total weight by 40 lbs. and you'll have a respectable ballpark figure.

Keep in mind that this weight assumes that you are using a full size carton. A full size carton will typically contain 4 stacks of books whose trim size is 6-1/8" x x 9-1/4" and smaller. For larger trim sizes there will be only 2 stacks per carton.

Smaller or "half size" cartons are available at additional expense. The half size cartons will contain half as many stacks of books per carton. Figure the weight as half the full size carton weight plus 5 pounds per half size carton.

How many pallets of books will I receive? Our most typical pallet configuration is 35 cartons per pallet. Again, assuming full size cartons are being used.

Keep in mind that these are very good ballpark methods of calculating approximate book weight. Many variables affect how much a specific book will weigh, beginning with normal variations in paper weight from the paper mill before it is even printed. The only way to know exactly is to weigh an actual copy of the book on a good scale.

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