Customer Service Procedures

Incoming orders are received through our mail clerks and forwarded to the Customer Service Associates for order entry. As part of the order entry process our CSA's will fax or call you to confirm receipt of the order. After the basic order entry the CSA forwards the order to the CSR for review. After reviewing the order and resolving any issues requiring immediate attention the CSR forwards the order to the production planning department.

After a manufacturing job order is completed we confirm the specs and pricing using our computerized estimating and scheduling system. This system automatically calculates the necessary time that it takes in each department to produce your book. The scheduler then takes over and schedules your book into each department on the earliest open date available in each department. Proof mailing dates are also scheduled at this time.

After the scheduling is complete the job files are sent to your CSA and they generate the order/schedule/spec. confirmation. This is matched up with the price confirmation and mailed out to you. It is very important that you closely scrutinize the order and price confirmations as soon as you receive them. Call your CSR immediately if you have any questions or find any errors!

Our outgoing proofs are sent out via the customer service mail clerk. We ship most of our proofs via economy overnight service and schedule enough time for the customer to check and sent back via overnight service within 24 hours of receipt.

All incoming proofs are cycled through the mail clerks and delivered to the appropriate Customer Care Team for review before being returned to our layout department for any possible changes or corrections, then the order is released to the plate department. Any questions or concerns regarding proofs should be directed to your CSR.

The day after we complete and ship your books our mail clerk returns to you all text proofs, camera copy, sample books, etc. that we may still have on hand. This material is returned by UPS ground service. After the copy is returned, the job order is forwarded to your CSA who will call and notify you that the order has been shipped. At this time your CSA can provide you with details of the shipment such as the weight, number of cartons and pallets, the truck line and the tracking number of the shipment (pro number). At this time you can request that we fax the bill of lading if it would help you to have it.

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