Grow your online book sales with Thomson-Shore!

Thomson-Shore has partnered with the online retail channel, Wubbit, to help you sell your books online with minimal upfront costs and minimal hassles with fulfillment. First we'll help you set everything up with Wubbit. Then we'll print your books using our ultra flexible platform where we can use any combination of print-on-demand, short run digital, and offset printing. And finally, we will fulfill all orders and manage your inventory.

Does it all sound like a fairy tale? Well, it's actually a true story!

When you team up with us you...

  • Save 50% on set up fees.
  • Save on costly warehousing fees.
  • Earn more on each book sold.
  • Quit worrying about returns and inventory levels.
  • Sell books to readers and independent bookstores who can order as many books as they like.

Call Tod Baker or Maria Smith at 734-426-3939.

Take the first step!

Get 50% off all set up fees and start selling your books online in a jiffy!

Tod Baker or Maria Smith will contact you within the next business day.

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