Sue Campbell

Hi, nice of you to drop by. I am the Electronic Prepress Training & Production Coordinator. I started at Thomson-Shore in October of 1993. My primary function is to test, suggest and implement workflows for all the different software & hardware options in our department.

I started in printing while in high school and have stayed in the field since my graduation in 1979. It has worked out to be a very good trade for me. Beginning with commercial printing I moved into book manufacturing in 1988. In early 1992 I transferred into electronic prepress at a competitor. When Thomson-Shore opened their electronic prepress department I jumped at the chance to be their first system operator. It has been very interesting and challenging to integrate this new technology into the prepress department. One thing is for sure, you don't get board with the same old routine cause the routine is constantly changing.

Out of the office my children Misse and Kyle keep me busy. I enjoy golf, steel tip darts and camping. I also have a passion for hot air balloons. I don't own one, but would like to. They are most awesome to ride in.

Have a nice day and enjoy the remainder of your tour here at virtual Thomson-Shore.

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