Renee Krull

I began working at Thomson-Shore in my senior year of high school as a co-op student. I started as a text stripper and then moved on to color work and covers and jackets.

I have been managing the cover/jacket area for about 5 years and was asked to manage the new electronic pre-press department almost 2 years ago. I take a lot of pride in the individuals that work in both of these areas. They are a strong team committed to providing our customers with a quality product.

I hope you enjoy your tour through the internet. As you go through the tour you will meet two people who have played major roles in making our electronic prepress department run effectively, Larry Meilleur and Sue Campbell. If you have questions about electronic prepress that our marketing associates or customer service representatives are unable to of us will be able to help you.

I also encourage you to give me a call if you need advice in preparing cover/jacket mechanicals or films. In the near future there will be some guidelines available to you through the internet.

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