Spine Bulk Program

Figures spine bulks, but also prints cover, jacket, and cloth cover diagrams from your Windows 95, 98 or NT computer. This latest version no longer supports Windows 3.1. It also will not run on a Macintosh without Windows emulation.

Current Version 3.6C 2/11/00

By entering the page count, selecting a stock from a list of stocks, and picking a trim size, this program will give you a wealth of information about your book. It can tell you:

You can also print:

with standard measurements already in place. It will also accept custom trim sizes, and allows you to change the default settings for figures like flap size and jacket wrap.


If you are using this program for live jobs, please register with us! We need to be able to contact you if there are any major changes to the program or stock lists.

Register for Spine Bulk 3.6


Download the following file:

spbulk36.exe (about 1.5 meg) 

This is a self-extracting archive and includes a complete setup program. After downloading, run the executable to install Spine Bulk on your computer.