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Printer's Ink is a quarterly newsletter which Thomson-Shore publishes. It is intended to help customers save time and money and keep them up-to-date on Thomson-Shore services and benefits. It is full of information regarding book manufacturing including new technologies, paper information, tips on how to prepare your book for printing, and other interesting information.

The first issue rolled off the press back in 1984 and there have been four issues every year since. Ned Thomson, the founder and former President of T-S, wrote all of the articles through 1999. After his retirement, the pen was turned over to the employee-owners who now collectively produce each issue. Printer's Ink has always been known as a "down-to-earth" take on book printing. You won't find too many highly technical terms and when you do, we'll make sure we explain them clearly. It is designed for both those who do and do not know a lot about our industry.

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