In October of last year, Thomson-Shore was honored by the Printing Industry of America, Inc. as the "Best Workplace in America" for the year 2000. We were selected to receive this recognition based on our accomplishments in the following areas:
  • recognition and rewards
  • health and well-being programs
  • financial security
  • personal/work-life balance
  •  work environment and organizational culture
  • training and development opportunities.

[The following is an excerpt from the press release from PIA]

Local Graphic Arts Company Takes Top Recognition in National Competition

Alexandria, VA (October 18, 2000) Thomson-Shore, Inc. won top honors in the graphic arts industry's first annual Best Workplace in America (BWA) program. This new award and recognition program is sponsored by the Master Printers of America, a division of Printing Industries of America, Inc.

The BWA program allows companies to compare their human relations programs to other companies in the graphic arts industry. Each company that participated was evaluated on a survey, which was scored and judged by a team of experts. The following are the six categories for which companies were judged: recognition and rewards; health and well-being programs; financial security; personal/work-life balance; work environment and organizational culture; and training and development opportunities.

"This is the first year for this type of awards program.  There is no better way for employers to gain prominence in their trade area, increase employee retention and attract more qualified candidates for open positions and ultimately improve their company's profitability.  We are pleased with the results from this year's program and look forward to continuing it through the years," says Con Levenduski, Chairman of Master Printers of America.

  • For more information about Thomson-Shore, Inc., 
    please contact Terri Barlow at 734.426.3939.
  • To learn more about the Best Workplace in America Program,
    please call Rebecca Jurcich at 703.519.8182.