Spine Bulk Program

for computing the spine bulk of your books

Spine Bulk and Diagram Program

Links to Helper Programs

The following list indicates other programs besides your browser, that may be required to view or use some information available at our Thomson-Shore Internet site. These programs are common on the internet and we feel they are high quality, easy to set up, and easy to use. Any support questions should be directed to the manufacturer of the software, not to Thomson-Shore.

Free Acrobat Reader- Adobe has made it easy for us to produce platform independent documents (pc, mac, unix) that retain the fonts and format of our original documents. The Acrobat PDF file format allows you to download very small files from your browser, open these files in the Acrobat Reader and view (and print) the information as it appears in the original document. We are currently publishing Printer's Ink and our EP Guidlines in this format, so you will need the reader to view these documents. Once you have the reader, we are sure you will notice a lot of PDF files at other sites.

The Acrobat viewer for many platforms are available at Adobe's Internet Site

FTP Software on the Net

FTP for the Mac If you have an internet connection, but to not currently have an FTP program, Fetch is Macintosh based, easy to use and allows you to send and receive files via the internet.

WS_FTP for Windows This program is a Windows based FTP program that allows you to send and receive files via the internet. If you have an internet connection but do not have an FTP program, WS_FTP is easy to set up, and easy to use.

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