InkJet Update

Inkjet update for those who are watching this development in our industry. After talks (and testing) with all major suppliers of inkjet technologies I have gain some confidence in a few significant opinions:

  • Initial capital costs from all inkjet suppliers is insane.
  • Inkjet (quality) is ready for SOME markets not all.
  • None of the current inkjet appearance comes close to offset quality however text only line-work is reasonable.
  • Operating costs for ongoing inkjet are far from developed and those using it are not yet seeing the cost benefits.
  • We are 2-4 years away from a high quality, cost competitive inkjet solution.

Clearly in time, inkjet will become a fantastic technology for printing books however for our customers at Thomson-Shore; we will not sacrifice quality in favor of changing for the sake of change. We will continue to watch this technology closely and keep you informed at least from our perspective.

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