This Little Book Went to Market…

Book distribution is one of the most confusing parts of the publishing business. The distribution process has remained largely unchanged for decades, even with Print-On-Demand and self-publishing. Distribution is the process of making books available in the market. Distribution is making the book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, and on hundreds of other websites and through Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar stores and your local bookstores.

As you build the market for your book, we make sure the books are available where book buyers will look for them, see our Marketing Solutions.

The book publishing industry uses a complex system of distribution to get books into the market. Traditional publishers are represented by distributors, who are responsible for getting the books into the book trade (bookstores, libraries, and specialty retailers). These distributors sell the books at a discount to the bookstores and wholesalers. The wholesalers, by bundling books from many publishers and distributors, are able to offer these books efficiently to the libraries and other retailers, who then sell to readers.

Many independent publishers and most self-published authors struggle to get books into retail outlets because they can’t get them into distributors and wholesalers. The complexity and hurdles involved in this process are legacies of last century’s traditional publishing world.

Print-On-Demand avoids the necessity of having a distributor, but the higher cost and production limitations of POD may make going with a traditional print run your only alternative. When faced with this reality, how do you get your books distributed?

Seattle Book Company

Seattle Book Company

To solve these problems, PublishNext operates the Seattle Book Company. Seattle Book is an approved distributor to Ingram Content Group, the largest book wholesaler in the nation, and directly to Amazon. These relationships allow us to make our books available to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and nearly all independent retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, and it provides greater sales opportunities for our authors.

In addition to providing this service for PublishNext imprints, Seattle Book Company distribution is available to other independent publishers, including our Ghost Publishing™ imprints.

For pricing and eligibility requirements for distribution services through Seattle Book Company, please contact donna@SeattleBookCompany.com or visit our website www.SeattleBookCompany.com