Customer Testimonials

Our success as a company is based on our customers' satisfaction and happiness. Every project is built around our customers' needs, and every step of the way, our book making experts and support staff are there to ensure your success. The testimonies of our past clients are the most honest source of information you can get about our service, so if you aren't already convinced of our commitment to quality and top-notch care (although we think you should be), listen to them:

Thomson-Shore's attention to detail is superior, their staff knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with, and the quality of their work is unrivaled. I would recommend Thomson-Shore to any publisher seeking excellence.

We've published over 100 books in the past eight years, seen our company grow from one hardcover in the first year to an average of nearly thirty titles a year. All of them, except the first one, have been printed and bound by Thomson-Shore. I cannot recommend highly enough the team that keeps Subterranean Press running so smoothly, from Rich McDonald doing estimates, the teams always timely updates, and Diane Fadden, whom I've come to view as our angel, catching all the small details that can go wrong before they do, and ready with suggestions that not only save us money but help us produce better books. I've quoted titles elsewhere, and seen printing samples, and with eight years, soon to be ten then fifteen, there's no reason to trust anyone but T-S with our business. Consider me one very satisfied customer.”
- William K. Schaefer,
Subterranean Press

I often breathe a sigh of relief when I know that one of our books will be printed by Thomson-Shore. There are many things that make them one of my favorite book printers – excellent customer communication, consistently high printing standards, and good prices and schedules. Perhaps what I most appreciate about Thomson-Shore is the competent attention of their customer service representatives to my job.”
- Karen Copp,
University of Iowa Press

Thomson-Shore takes the extra step in customer satisfaction. Whether working together by phone or email - - or during the rare opportunity to meet in person - - our service representatives are diligent, courteous, always aware of our schedules, and pay attention to detail. When I open an advance copy of one of our books, at a glance I can see that it is top quality production - - the trim is clean-cut, the pages are aligned, the binding is sturdy, and the signatures are glued in evenly along the spine. Thomson-Shore is a fine printer!
- Katie Raymond,
Fulcrum Publishing